Antique All-Bisque Campbell Kid Antique Doll Treasures $145.00
Antique China Head Doll So Called Jenny Lind Antique Doll Treasures $825.00
14" French Fashion - Fabulous Original Wig Faraway Antique Shop $1,295.00
8.5" S&H 950 in Original Costume with Glass Dome Faraway Antique Shop $350.00
22" Tete Jumeau - Antique Mariner Costume Faraway Antique Shop $3,595.00
All Bisque Pair of 8 Inch Twin Hilda Artist Dolls Aunt Janie's Doll Trunk USD $495.00
16" German Bisque - Open/Closed Mouth - All Antique Costume Faraway Antique Shop $295.00
Antique French Corset for Large Fashion Doll Faraway Antique Shop $75.00
19" Kestner 169 ~ All Antique/Original - Superb Condi Faraway Antique Shop $1,795.00
21" Parian Lady - Countess Dagmar Faraway Antique Shop $450.00
Antique Schoneau & Hoffmeister Boy Doll with Org. Clothing Antique Doll Treasures $85.00
Antique Toy German Victorian Child's Paint Box Antique Doll Treasures $75.00
Antique Lithograph Stacking Blocks Toy in Small Size Antique Doll Treasures $199.00
25" Kestner 162 Lady - Schwarz Toy Shop Label Faraway Antique Shop $1,995.00
Adorable Chocolate Box with Girl and Doll Antique Doll Treasures $22.00
Antique Metal Folding Doll Bed Furniture. Antique Doll Treasures $45.00
Antique Bissell's Toy Little Daisy Sweeper Antique Doll Treasures $45.00
Antique Pull-Toy Horse Antique Doll Treasures $279.00