All Items : Dolls : Accessories and Doll Related : Contemporary item #1416873
These are old store stock wigs that I bought many years ago and I can’t say enough about them. They look so authentic, but are actually a wonderful reproduction. They are made of real mohair and are the perfect antique-blonde. The light curls and bangs make them look just like the early ones. I have only one size, it fits a 12-13” head circumference and is being modeled on a 23” Jumeau. The inside of the cap is stretchy so it has some give. Trust me, these wigs make any doll look great...
All Items : Dolls : Accessories and Doll Related : Pre 1930 item #1416827
This rare antique dresser is made of hardwood. It has 3 drawers that open with ease. The drawer pulls are made of quality brass. The top is made of gray and white marble. The top has scuffs due to age and use and there is a small chip on the back left side as can be seen in the photo. It’s a wonderful and rare quality piece that is sturdy and looks wonderful beside a French Fashion of other doll of similar size...
All Items : Dolls : Accessories and Doll Related : Pre 1930 item #1416824
This is a wonderful antique leather change purse for a French Fashion doll. It has a twisted cord handle. It’s made of tan leather hand painted with flowing ribbon and flowers in shades of blue and white. The inside is also leather. Makes for a great accessory. It measure 2 ¾” wide and 1 ¾” high without the strap.
All Items : Dolls : Accessories and Doll Related : Pre 1940 item #1416565
Very pretty decorative cardboard box made in Germany. It looks wonderful as a French Fashion Bebe hat box or carrying accessory for a larger doll. It’s decorated with black and white stripped paper with purple flowers and purple ribbon on the top of the lid. The handle is in good condition and original. The lid opens easily. The bottom is marked Made in Germany. It measures 4 ½” wide x 3 ¼” deep and 2 1/8” tall without the handle.
All Items : Dolls : Accessories and Doll Related : Pre 1930 item #1416563
Here is a fabulous collection of accessories for that special French Fashion Poupee. It consists of a matching set of pearl earrings necklace and hair comb. They are in a beautiful early box with pastel pink, blue and cream, displaying a charming young couple dressed in Victorian attire with rose pattern along the sides. The box measures 3 ½” by 3 ½”. The earrings measure 1 ¾” in length to include the wire and the necklace chain circumference is 4” around.
All Items : Dolls : Accessories and Doll Related : Pre 1930 item #1416546
This wonderful hand-painted egg is a candy container, also commonly used as a handbag for dolls. It’s made of silk and is hand-painted with twisted cord handles original to the container. Made during the Victorian era. It looks wonderful with a doll and is being modeled with a 15" French poupee. It measures 3 ½” in length by 2 ½” side.
All Items : Dolls : Accessories and Doll Related : Pre 1930 item #1416545
These sweet shoes measure just 2 1/8” long by slightly over ¾” wide. They are made of white leather. They have silk shoe laces that are laced through 4 metal grommet holes. The soles are cardboard and they are most likely German but will also nicely fit a French foot since the toe is slightly pointed. Well made and very sturdy. They are just waiting for a sweet little girl that needs a pair of shoes.
All Items : Dolls : Accessories and Doll Related : Contemporary item #1416544
These are reproduction shoes made to perfection. I’ve had them for a long time and don’t remember who made them but the workmanship is outstanding. They are made of tan colored leather with matching leather bow embellished with a round gold piece. There is fine stitching all around the upper edge and they close in the front with a matching silk ribbon. The soles are also leather. They are narrow shoes and would most likely fit a doll with a leather body...
This is a wonderful small child’s or doll chest of drawers. It is made of hard wood and stained dark walnut and has a rich and warm look about it. The top is in good condition with no scratches or chips. There are 4 drawers. At the center there of each drawer there is beautiful inlaid gold designs. Each drawer has two ornate embossed brass handles with round pulls. There is a small missing piece next to the second draw as shown. It looks original to the dresser...
All Items : Dolls : Accessories and Doll Related : Pre 1930 item #1416541
These antique boots would look good on any doll. They are made of supple white kid leather and have their original leather bows and silver buckles and a wavy cut on top around the ankle. The soles are also leather and unmarked. They are laced up the front with very pale aqua silk ribbon trim. They measure 2 7/8” in length and 1” wide.
All Items : Dolls : Accessories and Doll Related : Pre 1920 item #1416519
I’ve have owned and cherished this set for years. It was brought over from Paris France and is considered “old Paris”, ca. prior to 1880. It is hand painted in the Field of Flanders pattern, in memory of the First World War. The Field of Flanders is in the historical County of Flanders, that spans between southern Belgium and north-west France. The field is known for its abundance of red Poppies that grew after the war...
All Items : Dolls : Accessories and Doll Related : Antique : Pre 1900 item #1415879 (stock #3032)
Here is a nice worn velvet cat the color of butterscotch. She has original and very perky ears, bead eyes and red floss nose and mouth. She has lived through one of her lives at least, her tail has been sewn back on. There is an embedded rattle inside of her that adds another nice element. She is very solid, sits nicely and is very well behaved. Almost 5" tall 7" long including her tail.
All Items : Dolls : Accessories and Doll Related : Antique : Pre 1900 item #1415878 (stock #3031)
What a great example of a folky big heavy homemade dog. His face is priceless, shoe button eyes sort of hanging there, a leather nose that dominates the lower half and no suggestion of a mouth. Somehow they eye doesn't notice that it is not there. He is made with a heavy wool twill that was mohair at one time. He has round wooden legs that have broken through the fabric at the top so now and then a little excelsior falls out...
All Items : Dolls : Accessories and Doll Related : Books : Pre 1990 item #1384409
A stated first edition coffee table book published by Hoshibill, Hiroshima, 1987. A hardcover with dustjacket, the book has gray-tan cloth lettered in bright gilt script. The slipcase has a slight smudge on the back otherwise in fine condition. Written in Japanese and English. Illustrated with over 180 full color photographic plates depicting Jumeau dolls. 199pp.
All Items : Dolls : Accessories and Doll Related : Antique : Pre 1910 item #1379114 (stock #1831)
This is a pull toy rabbit on a wood platform and wooden wheels. The rabbit is paper mache or press cardboard maybe is more accurate but old. The purple hat is felt. She has glass eyes. She is just the best. 7 1/2" long 5" wide and 7" to the top of her ears and is circa 1890-1910
All Items : Dolls : Accessories and Doll Related : Antique : Pre 1900 item #1363460 (stock #206)

Rare to find all original French Poupee " Flacon De Sels" of lovely tiny round smelling - salts glass bottle which has wonderful gild ormolu hamper and chain ( has complete 2,5" ( 6 cm ) ) to be suspended from sash on a pretty fashion dress.

This rare fashion doll accessory was worn by elegant ladies to ward off fainting spells or exposure to harsh odors not fit for their refined senses.

All original contained in an nut box with silk cover inside and lovely ormolu clasp ....

All Items : Dolls : Accessories and Doll Related : Antique : Pre 1900 item #1358452 (stock #793)
RESERVED for E. !!

Very rare to find all original Presentation Trunk from Paris Luxury Doll-Store " Au Nain Bleu " , was a special trunk for an luxury Bebe or Poupee from around 1875 ...........

17 " x 9,5 " x 9" ( 43 x 24 x 23 cm ) light brown printed paper covered wooden and card board trunk with slightly domed lid. Has darker brown covered wooden slat decoration , metal trim ornaments and at each side an original leather handle ...

All Items : Dolls : Accessories and Doll Related : Doll Furniture : Pre 1900 item #1356069 (stock #774)

From attic found in France comes this lovely gilded bamboo chair with rest of burgundy tufted silk seat , has spindled legs and back . With original gild finish .... has small repaint parts .

As is .... an lovely chair in shabby style for your favorite doll´s , or an restoring piece .......rare to find with gilded patina !!! Silk is fragile and are melting , otherwise perfect .........

Total high at back ...... circa 11,5 " ( 29 cm ) Seat high ...... circa 5 1/4" (...