Antique Doll Accessories

Antique accessories for antique dolls. Almost any personal or home accessory in miniature for use with or on a doll or in a doll house. Popular items include miniature doll house decorations; miniature toiletries, vanity items, fashion accessories and jewelry; home keeping accessories like sewing kits; and antique articles of doll clothing and furniture.

Antique French BEBE Pin with Cherub Motif Tresors de Belles $65.00
Antique French BEBE Pin with Clover Design Tresors de Belles $50.00
Antique Bebe Pin with Babys face Tresors de Belles $45.00
Antique German Children's Painted Lithograph Box of Blocks Tresors de Belles $350.00
French Silver Hand Painted Enamel Cherub BEBE Pin Tresors de Belles $65.00
Antique Lithograph Treasure Chest Toy Box Tresors de Belles $65.00
Antique French Lou Lou Pajama Dog Tresors de Belles $395.00
Antique velvet rattle toy cat C1890 Country and Shaker Antiques $295.00
Great old handmade cloth dog with leather nose shoe button eyes Country and Shaker Antiques $350.00
Pull toy rabbit in a purple hat Country and Shaker Antiques $275.00
Rare Small French Leather Traveling Sewing Necessaire with Contents WhenDreamsComeTrue $975.00