Exquisite Enfantine Costume for Huret era Poupee by Mlle. Bereux WhenDreamsComeTrue $1,190.00
Adorable Fleischmann Bloedel 9/0 Bebe Doll Tresors de Belles $165.00
Outstanding Two Piece French Bebe Costume with Bonnet WhenDreamsComeTrue $895.00
A lovely lady from the 1870's with antique period clothes Country and Shaker Antiques $1,400.00
26" painted face doll with a fabulous red bow on the top of her head Country and Shaker Antiques $875.00
Lovely French Bisque Bebe by Maison Jumeau in Pretty Clothing WhenDreamsComeTrue $2,300.00
BIG WONDERFUL EMBROIDERED FACE BLACK DOLL 25" Country and Shaker Antiques $825.00
Early antique black cloth doll with fine stockinette face 21" C. 1880 Country and Shaker Antiques $500.00
A little ray of sunshine....painted face 27" C. 1900 Country and Shaker Antiques $675.00
Nice Set of Two Antique French Fashion Gowns from 19th. century WhenDreamsComeTrue $398.00
A doll for your grandchildren to play with from early 1900s 17" Country and Shaker Antiques $65.00
17" naive painted black cloth doll lovely face C. 1880 Country and Shaker Antiques $875.00
A right proper Bostonian lady, painted face and fancy clothes 1880 Country and Shaker Antiques $1,100.00
~~All Original Fashion Doll Belt Watch in Presentation Box / 1870~~ WhenDreamsComeTrue $380.00
~~~ Rare French Poupee Opera Accessorie Box / circa 1870-75 ~~~ WhenDreamsComeTrue $550.00
~~~ Pretty Antique Classic Jumeau Straw Bonnet / France 1880 WhenDreamsComeTrue $490.00
Antique 17” Simon and Halbig 939 Bebe Doll Tresors de Belles $1,200.00
Rare French Bisque Wooden Body Poupee with "Lily" Face WhenDreamsComeTrue $9,580.00