Antique Bisque Dolls

Antique part-bisque dolls. Fine, antique dolls with bisque heads and parts. Most finely dressed in appropriate costume - many with old, collectible clothes and some period and original to the dolls.

Early 1860 th. French Parisienne Poupee with original Presentation Box WhenDreamsComeTrue $4,100.00
Stunning French Blue Silk Costume with Antique Straw Bonnet WhenDreamsComeTrue $1,180.00
Rare Fashionable Lady by Mesdames Lafitte - Desirat WhenDreamsComeTrue $798.00
Outstanding rare Fashionable Lady by Lafitte - Desirat WhenDreamsComeTrue $850.00
Antique French all Bisque Mignonette in Original Costume and Box WhenDreamsComeTrue $950.00
Lovely 19th. Century French Poupee Russian Borzoi Dog WhenDreamsComeTrue $875.00
French Bisque Bebe by Gaultier in Superb Costume WhenDreamsComeTrue $3,750.00
Rare French Bisque Bebe by Petit et Dumoutier in Beautiful Costume WhenDreamsComeTrue $12,750.00
Tete Jumeau 27” DEP French Bisque Doll Tresors de Belles $650.00
Antique French Unis France Mignonette Doll Tresors de Belles $165.00
~~~ Lovely Antique Hoop Crinoline with Cotton Cover ~~~ WhenDreamsComeTrue $250.00
~~~ Pretty antique French Poupee in Presentation ~~~ WhenDreamsComeTrue $2,320.00
Original Tiny" Lilliputains" Bisque Mignonette with her Trousseau WhenDreamsComeTrue $1,350.00
Rare 1860th. Bomb-Shaped Poupee Leather Necessaire Bag for Huret WhenDreamsComeTrue $1,200.00
*** LAYAWAY ** Antique Fleischmann and Bloedel French Bebe Doll Tresors de Belles $550.00
~~~ Rare Early Poupee by Mademoiselle Rohmer in beautiful Costume ~~~ WhenDreamsComeTrue $7,800.00
~~~ Lovely French Poupee Hoop and Petticoat Set / 1875 ~~~ WhenDreamsComeTrue $650.00
Antique Armand Marseille 4008 DEP Bebe Doll Tresors de Belles $145.00