All Items : Estate Jewelry : Silver : Scandinavian : Pre 1960 item #1444917 (stock #JJ3980)
A sterling silver brooch in the three dimensional Bird and Horse design,(Fugl og Hest) by noted silver designer, Tone Vigeland who worked with the Norway Plus Design Studio. Designed in 1959.

Measures 1 1/4" across and 2" high. Marked with the ND for Norway Designs, and conjoined TV for Tone Vigeland. Also has the Plus sign, Sterling and Norway.

Has an earlier style rollover safety clasp that holds securely. Nice weight and quality...

All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Arts and Crafts : Pre 1910 item #1444857 (stock #RP13233)
Period Pieces
Here is a pretty pin made by Hermann & Speck, well-known jewelers of Pforzheim in Germany in the years around the turn of the last century. It is centered by a blue sapphire, and it has a pearl dangle. It is marked 333 for 8kt gold, but when we tested it, it held for 10k. It is also marked “Depose,” which translates roughly as “patent.” It measures 1-7/16” x 1" including the pearl dangle, and weighs 2.5g. In excellent condition, and circa 1900...
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Silver : Mexican : Pre 1980 item #1444821 (stock #15474/14953)
One of the few female designers of Mexico’s 20th c. Silver Renaissance that we know of, Erika Hult de Corral excelled in the creation of slick abstract and brutalist jewelry. She started creating her own work in Taxco’s “middle period” and continued being active in the post-1980 years as well. Big, bold and beautiful, the result of the artist’s few yet perfectly placed brushstrokes, the dove-shaped pendant at hand conveys that precious sense of elegant, unimpeded motion...
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Pre 1910 item #1444811 (stock #AL3432)
Louis Wine Ltd
Antique Demantoid Pearl Gold Clover Pendant Brooch C.1890. The four leaf clover set with numerous seed pearls, each petal accented with three bright round demantoid. Hinged hidden bale for brooch to be worn as pendant. Reverse with pin and safety clasp. Stamped 14K with trade mark. Measures: approximately 25 x 22 mm. item Weight: 4.44 grams.
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Deco : Pre 1930 item #1444789 (stock #RM08111)
Period Pieces
Here is a great pair of white gold-fronted double “Sunrise” cuff links. Each end is marked WHITE GOLD FRONT BELAIS 14K; TALON GRIP TRADEMARK, and is octagonal, measuring 5/8” x 7/16”, with rigid connectors that are hinged at one end. We don’t know what the connecting “talon grips” are made from. The Belais Brothers were among the first to develop a formula for white gold (their patent was for 1917)...
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Other Metals : Scandinavian : Pre 1980 item #1444744 (stock #JJ2139)
A mid century modern pendant in pewter signed Plustinn, for Design Plus Studios, made in Norway. This is the studio of Anna Greta Eker and Tone Vigeland.

Measures 1 3/4" across and 1 3/4" high including the attached bale.

In fine condition. Heavy and solid.

Rare design!

All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Victorian : Pre 1910 item #1444710 (stock #RN11214)
Period Pieces
Here is a lovely Victorian cameo, set in flourishes of yellow gold and decorated with 4 pearls. The background is a slightly darker pink than the lady. The attention to detail in the carving is very nice, and she is in excellent condition. There is one missing pearl, but it’s unnoticeable. It seems to say “SIG” in script across the back. The bale is signed with “10K” inside what looks like a stylized “C”. It measures 1-13/16” not including the bail, by 1”...
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Silver : Mexican : Pre 1970 item #1444675 (stock #15482)
One of the best Taxco maestros, Gerardo Lopez must have worked for either the Los Castillo or Margot de Taxco, possibly even both, because for his jewelry he uses many of the designs that those two famous workshops also used. Lopez can be very creative at combining familiar motifs in completely new ways and when he designs his own, original jewelry, he quite often touches upon the brilliant...
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Silver : Native American : Pre 1980 item #1444668 (stock #CM-11)
Period Pieces
This brilliant vintage squash blossom necklace is anecdotally from the 1950s but stylistically typical of the 1970s (the leaves surrounding the turquoise cabochons were popular at that period.) It is sterling silver and turquoise but unmarked. The 1/4” sterling beads are bench-made. The necklace is 27” in length, with a naja that measures 2 5/8 in width by 3 inches in length. The necklace is set with 17 turquoises...
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Mexican : Pre 1970 item #1444665 (stock #77016)
With hallmarks dating 1948-1962, this Hector Aguilar bracelet is a book-piece design, shown in "Silver Masters of Mexico", by Penny C. Morrill.

It's a heavy hand-wrought piece, with five different Aztec metal symbols, giving the illusion that there are five separate panels. However, in fact there are two pieces which are joined together with a pin hinge. Closure is a pin on a chain...
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Mexican : Pre 1960 item #1444662 (stock #17339)
Circa mid-century, this heavy chunky modernist onyx ring was produced by Antonio Pineda.

It's a rarely seen design, wide, solid, and absolutely killer, with inlaid onyx in a 970 silver setting.

Measures a 6 on a ring sizer. The side is quite wide, so may fit a little more snug than that...
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Silver : Mexican : Pre 1960 item #1444655
Unusual pear shaped sterling silver necklace by Hector Aguilar. The hallmark dates it to the time between 1948 and 1962. Each link is 1 1/4 inches long and 3/4 inch at its widest...
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Arts and Crafts : Pre 1920 item #1444647 (stock #RN14251)
Period Pieces
Here is a striking lavalier which is centered by a light purple amethyst (traditionally good for maintaining clarity of mind), framed by rose gold panels which are a mix of Art Nouveau and Arts and Crafts in style. It has a pearl dangle with good luster which is interestingly off-round. Measuring 1-5/8” including the pearl but not the jump ring, by 7/8”. The amethyst measures 3/8” x 1/4”. It is marked “9ct” but tests as 10k (this is not unusual). It weighs 2.1g and is in excellent an...
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Costume : Designer : Pre 1970 item #1444611
Mimi Di N Vintage dead stock bracelet & earrings. The earrings and the clasp are made of gold color metal with an overlay of royal blue enamel and pave rhinestones in a twist design. Four strands of pearls with rondelle spacer accents attach to the large double circle clasp. From the mid 1960s, the set is in pristine condition. The earrings measure 1" (2.9 cm) in diameter. The clasp circles are 1 3/8"(3.9 cm) in diameter and the four strands of pearls are 1 1/2" (4.1 cm) across. The bracelet i...
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Costume : Pre 1930 item #1444602 (stock #RC12067)
Period Pieces
This sparkly stunner has 2 big paste stones (7/16”), 2 smaller ones (1/4”), and 8 small accent stones (there should be 9. One is missing, but it’s really hard to tell), set in white metal. The whole thing measures 2” x 9/16”. Stamped “Czechoslov” on the back, it is in overall good condition: the stones have a couple chips, and a little abrasion, but the stones are so sparkly it’s hard to spot these. The clasp is bent over a bit, but still works just fine. Circa 1920. The photos ...
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Silver : Victorian : Pre 1910 item #1444542 (stock #RP08137)
Period Pieces
Here is a highly detailed pin by Edmond-Henri Becker, one of the best-known French medalists. We really love all the details! The front shows Joan of Arc (patron saint of France and of soldiers) in profile, also a shield decorated with a sword, a crown, and 2 fleurs-de-lis. Above her head is a banner saying “Jehanne d’Arc” and “1429”. The back shows a banner with a figure which is hard to make out, and two people praying. Also shown are a spear, the pommel of a sword, and a leafy branc...
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Gold : Designer Signed : Pre 1980 item #1444539 (stock #6247)
Rare, Cartier love knot clip on earrings in 18K Gold with original box. These, large Cartier clip-on style earrings measures; 27mm x 20mm. Earrings are fully hallmarked and in very good pre-owned condition. Weight is 18.7 grams.
All Items : Estate Jewelry : Silver : Period : Pre 1930 item #1444460 (stock #AP6-351)
Period Pieces
Good things come in small packages. This charming pin is small but beautiful. It is made of 800 silver, enameled on both front and back, and centered with a square-cut peridot. The pin is 3/4" in diameter. Enamel is slightly worn on the front, but is in better condition on the back. There is a small chip in the stone. Enough negativity! It's a lovely pin! It is marked with the dog's head quality mark that shows it is 800 silver, made between 1872 & 1922 in Austro-Hungary and an A for the ...