Men's engravable oval cufflinks with red enamel in 14k yellow gold Kingston Bay Gallery $650.00
Vintage Modernist Ed LEVIN Sterling Chrysoprase Cabochon Bracelet Adj Silverman's Selected Antiques $145.00
Los Castillo 396 Mexican Silver Swirl Clamper Bracelet LOOK AT THAT NECKLACE! $1,800.00
Layaway Available
Arne Johansen Modernist Sterling and Onyx Bracelet Denmark Auerbach and Maffia $750.00
Signed, Emis Beros, 18k gold, ruby, angel skin coral necklace Kingston Bay Gallery $3,750.00
Salvador Teran Vintage Mexican Silver Amethyst Shadow Box Bracelet LOOK AT THAT NECKLACE! $1,700.00
Layaway Available
Silver Art Nouveau Lady Pin Period Pieces $55.00
Hannu Ikonen Finland Large Bronze Bracelet Modernist Hook Closure Silverman's Selected Antiques $175.00
10K Yellow Gold Two Garnets and Blue Glass Stone Ring 1900 -Size 6-1/4 Fiona Kenny Antiques $169.00
10k Yellow Gold Wedgwood Green Jasperware Melpomene Ring 1968 - Size 7 Fiona Kenny Antiques $259.00
Ed Wiener Iconic Modernist Cuff Bracelet Sterling MCM Signed Wires Silverman's Selected Antiques $1,600.00
ERTE, "SOPHISTICATION" necklace, gold, silver MOP and diamonds Kingston Bay Gallery $4,250.00
Antique, Art Nouveau, 14k gold diamond, brooch, pendant Kingston Bay Gallery $695.00
Vintage Hand Wrought Drippy Bronze Agate Pendant Brooch Nude Silverman's Selected Antiques $140.00
Vintage Modernist Sterling Brass Bone Large Pendant Handmade Silverman's Selected Antiques $145.00
Antonio Pineda Vintage Mexican Silver Framed Moonstone Bracelet LOOK AT THAT NECKLACE! $2,600.00
Layaway Available
Spratling Vindobonensis Vintage Mexican Silver Bracelet LOOK AT THAT NECKLACE! $1,400.00
Layaway Available