William Spratling Sterling Silver "Croissant" Necklace Riverside Vintage Silver $2,800.00
William Spratling Bracelet Sterling Silver & Stone Riverside Vintage Silver $1,900.00
Pentti Sarpaneva Bronze Bracelet Finland Modernist People HoldingHands Silverman's Selected Antiques $150.00
Christian Schmidt Vintage Modernist Cast Sterling Pendant MCM Signed Silverman's Selected Antiques $375.00
14K Lady of the Harbor Mermaid Charm ~ Denmark Black Dog Antiques $395.00
Frances Holmes Boothby Modernist Kinetic Sterling Brooch 1950s Auerbach and Maffia $595.00
Claire Deve Vintage Shoulder Duster Earrings Stephanie LeVanda Vintage Couture Jewelry $325.00
Ella Cone Modernist Sterling Cuff Bracelet Mid 20th Century Auerbach and Maffia $695.00
Carl Antonsen Modernist Sterling Coil Bracelet Denmark Auerbach and Maffia $550.00
Tiffany & Company Pair of Sterling Silver Brooches with Original Box Silverman's Selected Antiques $225.00
Arts and Crafts Marshall Field Chicago Fob Acid Etched Signed Suede Silverman's Selected Antiques $365.00
Alton Cuff Bracelet Sweden Per Davik Modernist Sterling Silver 1975 Silverman's Selected Antiques $295.00
Modernist ORB Sterling Cuff Black Dog Antiques $165.00
Diamond Ring Bouquet Ring 14Kt Gold Antiques and Jewels on Main $975.00
Gold Claddach Ring 14Kt British Marks Antiques and Jewels on Main $275.00
14K Yellow Gold Opals and Emeralds Ring 1970s - Size 7 Fiona Kenny Antiques $310.00
14K Yellow Gold Ruby Triple Flower Head Ring with Diamonds 1980s Fiona Kenny Antiques $310.00
Authentic Natural Butterscotch Egg Yolk Baltic Amber 夊į„ļįĨį€ æŗĸįž…įš„æĩˇįĨį€ Hundred and One Antiques $500.00