Art Nouveau Tiffany 18K Gold Devil Cufflinks Kensington House Antiques $2,450.00
Cartier 18K White & Yellow Gold Wave Stirrup Cufflinks Kensington House Antiques $2,495.00
Carrington 14K Gold Diamond Sapphire Cufflinks Kensington House Antiques $1,395.00
Vintage Platinum, Diamond & Sapphire Knot Cufflinks Kensington House Antiques $2,250.00
Art Nouveau 14K Gold Enamel & Pearl Laurel Crescent Pin Kensington House Antiques $250.00
Vintage Multi Gem Stone Rare Mexican Silver Necklace LOOK AT THAT NECKLACE! $1,200.00
Layaway Available
Antique Bug Brooch with Amethysts and Pearls C 1880 Nelson & Nelson Antiques $1,050.00
Retro Scroll Brooch with Sapphires, Diamonds & Rubies Nelson & Nelson Antiques $4,200.00
Huge 14k gold carved coral diamond emerald ring Kingston Bay Gallery $3,250.00
14K Yellow Gold Mace Batton Cufflinks Kensington House Antiques $895.00
H Stern-Style 18K Rose Gold & Multi-Gem Pendant Kensington House Antiques $1,295.00
Classic Sapphire and Diamond Cluster Ring Antiques and Jewels on Main $5,400.00
Pedro Castillo Mexican Silver Bracelet Necklace Er's LOOK AT THAT NECKLACE! $785.00
Layaway Available
Antique Large Garnet Cabachon Ring 10k Gold Anna Marcel $189.00
18K Diamond Solitaire Ring 1900 - Size 7-1/2 Fiona Kenny Antiques $495.00
Art Deco Platinum Diamond Solitaire Ring 1920s 1930 90 Point Diamond Fiona Kenny Antiques $3,495.00
Vintage Modernist Hans Hansen Sterling Brooch 110 Silverman's Selected Antiques $195.00
Antique 15K Gold Ring with Intaglio Agate C 1879 Nelson & Nelson Antiques $455.00