Emerald Earrings in 14k Rose Gold Period Pieces $555.00
Celtic Interlace Bird Brooch or Pin Period Pieces $149.00
Peridot and Seed Pearls in a 14kt Gold Necklace Period Pieces $999.00
Modernist Finland Kultaseppa Salovaara Ky Bracelet Sterling w/ Safety Silverman's Selected Antiques $125.00
Victorian Bangle Bracelet Period Pieces $55.00
3 1/2" Antonio Pineda Smokey Quartz 970 Silver Taxco Mexican Earrings Little Mexican Silver Shop $425.00
Henry Steig Sterling & Pearl Brooch and/ or Pendant Modernist Necklace Silverman's Selected Antiques $495.00
Lioness – Diamond & 14kt Gold Stick Pin Period Pieces $275.00
Sapphire Pearl Pendant by WHITESIDE & BLANK Period Pieces $499.00
Ronald Pearson Modernist Sterling Silver Brooch Auerbach and Maffia $475.00
Sterling & Amber Necklace Pendant Arts Crafts Design Hand Wrought Silverman's Selected Antiques $175.00
Green Chalcedony Enamel 14k Ring Period Pieces $599.00
Diamond Ruby Demantoid (Green) Garnet Ring Period Pieces $859.00
Diamond Engagement Ring Set in Platinum Vintage Antique Antiques and Jewels on Main $1,775.00
Amethyst Filigree Ring 1920-s 14Kt Yellow Gold Antique Antiques and Jewels on Main $385.00
Damascene Bird Earrings – Black Enamel Period Pieces $40.00
Hans Hansen Early Sterling Larger Heart Bracelet Karl Gustav #237 Silverman's Selected Antiques $575.00
15kt Gold Peridot Brooch with Demantoid (Green) Garnets Period Pieces $549.00