Antique and Vintage Costume Jewelry

Collectible costume jewelry from the 20th century before 1980; also examples from the Victorian, Regency, and late Georgian periods. Costume jewelry typically uses toned metals instead of precious metals, and glass, paste, and other composition in place of jewels. Some is made from composite material such as bakelite.

Romantic Hearts and Dolphins Bracelet Period Pieces $75.00
1970s Earrings Poured Glass Cabochons Faux Turquoise Lapis Jade Pearls modemodern On Hold
1950 French Blue Poured Glass Wired Necklace Heavy Dark Goldtone Metal modemodern On Hold
70s Italian Runway Mod Earrings Matte Black Plastic 4 Inches Statement modemodern $55.00
70s Runway Earrings Pave Rhinestones Heavy Cast Goldtone Metal 4+ Inch modemodern $75.00
70s Runway Italian Modernist Earrings Headlight Stones Sculpted 4 Inch modemodern $55.00
1960s Kramer Bracelet Huge Brilliant Headlight Glass Stones Statement modemodern Pending
1970s French Runway Earrings Cascading Drops Glass Rods 4 Inches modemodern $55.00
Runway Mimi di N Shell Form Necklace Signed Dated 1972 Mimi di Niscemi modemodern $195.00
Victorian Gold Filled Seed Pearls Photo Locket with Long Watch Chain Fiona Kenny Antiques $149.00
Claire Deve Vintage Shoulder Duster Earrings Stephanie LeVanda Vintage Couture Jewelry $325.00
Deco Paste Bar Pin - “Czechoslov” Period Pieces $230.00
BOHO 3-Strand Faux Coral + Silver Necklace Black Dog Antiques $65.00
K.J.L. Pave and Cabochon Moghul Hinged Cuff Stephanie LeVanda Vintage Couture Jewelry $725.00
Thierry Mugler Runway Festoon Rhinestone Necklace Stephanie LeVanda Vintage Couture Jewelry $975.00
Earliest K.J.L. Drop Earrings Stephanie LeVanda Vintage Couture Jewelry $475.00
Victorian Gold Filled Photo Locket on a Fancy Rolled Gold Plate Chain Fiona Kenny Antiques $229.00
Massive Valentino Gold and Rhinestone Bracelet Stephanie LeVanda Vintage Couture Jewelry $575.00