Antique and Vintage Costume Jewelry

Collectible costume jewelry from the 20th century before 1980; also examples from the Victorian, Regency, and late Georgian periods. Costume jewelry typically uses toned metals instead of precious metals, and glass, paste, and other composition in place of jewels. Some is made from composite material such as bakelite.

Michaela Frey Team Enamel Flower Pendant ~ Austria Black Dog Antiques $195.00
Art Deco Paste Bar Pin - “Czechoslov” Period Pieces $189.00
Romantic Hearts and Dolphins Bracelet Period Pieces $49.00
Vintage SAL Blue Crystal + Pearl 3-Strand Necklace Black Dog Antiques $135.00
Vintage Valentino Runway Neck Piece Stephanie LeVanda Vintage Couture Jewelry $650.00
Rare William DeLillo Opera Length Garnet Crystal Necklace Stephanie LeVanda Vintage Couture Jewelry $725.00
Swarovski Blue Crystal Rhinestone Bracelet Black Dog Antiques $150.00
SAL Swarovski Pearl Rhinestone + Blue Crystal Choker Black Dog Antiques $150.00
Vintage Wide Bone Ring Sz 4.5 Black Dog Antiques $25.00
Heavy MONET GP Fancy Link Chain 52Gr Black Dog Antiques $25.00
Higgins Modernist Abstract Art Glass Pendant Necklace Auerbach and Maffia $425.00
French Deco Egyptian Revival scarabs Bracelet with black onyx glass One Good Eye Silver $215.00
12kt GF WINARD PHAROAH PENDANT + CHAIN Black Dog Antiques $95.00
Wide MCM Renoir Copper Cuff Black Dog Antiques $55.00
Pentti Sarpaneva bronze clip earrings Global Ceramics $50.00
Vintage Large Kramer Saphiret Heart Brooch Anna Marcel $229.00
Trifari Vintage "Jewels of India" Earrings Stephanie LeVanda Vintage Couture Jewelry $450.00
Mimi DI N Bracelet and Earrings Demi Parure Stephanie LeVanda Vintage Couture Jewelry $250.00