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YELLOW BAKELTE FLOWER PIN carol lane antiques $55.00
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1920s Cherry Amber Bakelite Necklace 146 Grams 63 Inches Hand Knotted modemodern Sold
French Art Deco Modernist Chrome Amber Bakelite Necklace modemodern Sold
1930s Cherry Amber Bakelite Necklace 140 Grams 30 Inch modemodern Sold
1970s Set 3 Tribal Style Ivory Ebony Lucite Bracelets modemodern Sold
Carved Bakelite Dress Clip - Orange Color The Pink Lady Collection Sold
Vintage Unsigned Weiss WIDE Lucite Rhinestone Bracelet Anna Marcel Sold
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1940s Black Bakelite Brass Bow Form Hinged Bracelet modemodern Sold
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70s Black Carved Lucite Strass Statement Size Necklace modemodern Sold
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Whitby Jet Snake Bangle Bracelet Steven Sher, Antique and Fine Jewellery Sold
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