Chinese carved white jade necklace William-Cozart, Inc. $110.00
Navajo Sterling Silver and Coral Cuff Bracelet Ancient East $795.00
Taxco Mexico Sterling Classic FACE Earrings Fully Hallmarked Gamut Plus Jewelry $35.00
Middle Eastern Sterling Silver Perfume bottle Hand tooled what pdx $265.00
Lapis Lazuli Hard Stone carved Pendant with 14K gold Lilly Parker Antiques, Inc. $450.00
Jade peach and bat pendant Asian Works of Art Gallery please enquire
Ancient style Egyptian Pharaoh paste Glass head pendant what pdx $45.00
Chinese Mini Jade Disc Pendant Asian Works of Art Gallery $150.00
Five(5) Chinese Ivory Clasps for necklace Lilly Parker Antiques, Inc. $40.00
Mens Kundan Diamond Emerald and a jellybean sized ruby in 20k gold what pdx $3,695.00
Jade Carving of Fish and Dragon Fish Pendant Asian Works of Art Gallery $198.00
Vintage Pendant Tree of Life Colorful Rhinestones in Gold Tone Gamut Plus Jewelry $65.00
African Silver Carnelian + Glass Necklace Black Dog Antiques $265.00
Stone Carving Pendant -Painting of Goddess /Calligraphy Asian Works of Art Gallery On Request
Chain Necklace with Primitive Ornaments Blackbird Hill Antiques $225.00