Antique Tribal silver Middle Eastern Womans Labbeh necklace Asian Ethnic Artifacts $475.00
Fine Antique African Beaded necklace with cast bronze fillings Asian Ethnic Artifacts $375.00
Blue and white African necklace with Akan Gold Del Pasado $475.00
India woman's necklace with silver Lingam stone casket Asian Ethnic Artifacts $135.00
large necklace of Bells and symbolic lotus seeds Asian Ethnic Artifacts
Carinated stamped silver bracelet Del Pasado $175.00
Antique Large silver central asian braided bracelet Indo-Persia Asian Ethnic Artifacts
Pair of African Bangles, circa 1940s. Del Pasado $450.00
African bead necklace with Moroccan silver pendant Del Pasado $250.00
African necklace with coral & turquoise Del Pasado $750.00
Red bead necklace from North Africa Del Pasado $450.00
Brown & Blue North African Necklace Del Pasado $350.00
North African blue fabric necklace with blue beads and pendants Del Pasado $1,875.00
Dogon blue bead necklace with Mauritian Silver Del Pasado $575.00
Necklace with red beads from Mali & Moroccan pendant Del Pasado $750.00
African trade bead necklace Del Pasado $850.00
Vintage Rhinestone Harem Ring 5 Bands in One - Hippie Boho Era GlitzQueen History and Art to Wear $55.00
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Very large Teke Turkomen pendant necklace Asian Ethnic Artifacts