Gold Estate Jewelry

Antique and vintage gold estate jewelry from the 18th century to 20th century - before 1980. Fine, mid-century designer signed pieces to early benchmade period gold jewelry including 16kt, 18kt and other purity levels. Select from Georgian, Victorian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Retro and Modernist works available for purchase.

Pair of Antique 18K Enamel `Spaniel’ Earrings, Continental, C.1875 Louis Wine Ltd $3,850.00
Pair of Antique 18K Pietra Dura Earrings, C.1875 Louis Wine Ltd $2,250.00
Fine 18K Reverse Intaglio Painted Crystal Pendant Brooch, C.1900 Louis Wine Ltd $3,850.00
Fine Antique Carved Coral Pendant Brooch and Earrings C.1880 Louis Wine Ltd $6,500.00
Antique, French, 18k gold enamel choker snake necklace Kingston Bay Gallery $3,600.00
Large, Designer signed, 18k yellow gold Persian Turquoise bracelet Kingston Bay Gallery $3,395.00
Retro, 14k yellow gold, Sapphire, Ruby, Diamond brooch, pin Kingston Bay Gallery $3,750.00
Large 14k white gold, sapphire diamond necklace Kingston Bay Gallery $8,250.00
Antique, large 14k gold, sapphire, diamond bracelet Kingston Bay Gallery $6,250.00
Large, 18k white gold, South Sea Pearl ring Kingston Bay Gallery $1,750.00
French Griffin Harp Ruby, Diamond, Pearl 18K Brooch, C.1890 Louis Wine Ltd $3,850.00
Very Fine 19th century Gold Pietra Dura Bracelet, Italy C.1875. Louis Wine Ltd $8,500.00
French Antique Diamond Brooch Pendant C.1870 Louis Wine Ltd $3,950.00
Georgian Ruby Moss Agate Cufflinks in gold, English C.1800 Louis Wine Ltd $5,500.00
French Art Nouveau 18K mythological brooch Pendant, C.1900 Louis Wine Ltd $4,850.00
Swiss Gold Portrait Miniature C.1800 attributed Anton Graff. Louis Wine Ltd $2,850.00
Gold and Gold Filled Watch Pin by SIMMONS Period Pieces $99.00
24k/14k gold Walking Liberty 1/4 oz Gold Coin pendant Kingston Bay Gallery $675.00