Arts & Crafts/Art Nouveau Rose Gold Amethyst Lavalier Period Pieces $499.00
Madeira Citrines in Rose Gold - Necklace Period Pieces $549.00
Ruby & Diamond Ring - 10kt Yellow Gold Period Pieces $159.00
Cognac Diamond & Pearl Arrow-Head Stick Pin Period Pieces $349.00
14k Jade Koi Pendant ~ Gump's Black Dog Antiques
14k RETRO George Schuler Preformed Parts Brooch ~ Fur Clip Black Dog Antiques $950.00
Victorian Gold-Filled Bar Pin - Black Enamel Highlights Period Pieces $69.00
10kt Gold Ivy Cufflinks Period Pieces $259.00
Diamond Enamel Pin/Pendant - 14kt Rose Gold Period Pieces $899.00
14kt Nouveau/Victorian Scarab Beetle Pin - Egyptian Revival Period Pieces $549.00
10k Ruby & Seed Pearl Flower-Basket Earrings Period Pieces $459.00
Peridot Seed Pearl 14kt Gold Brooch or Pin Period Pieces $259.00
Blue Sapphire Pearl Lavalier by WHITESIDE & BLANK Period Pieces $459.00
Vintage Baroque Lapis Lazuli Pendant Set in Copper David Anthony $65.00
14kt White Gold Edwardian Stickpin Period Pieces $95.00
C1570 Renaissance 22 ct Posey REBUS Ring with Heart Pictogram Moylan-Smelkinson/The Spare Room $7,000.00
Renaissance era 22ct Poesy Ring With Inscription "Yours Till Death" Moylan-Smelkinson/The Spare Room $4,500.00
Georgian 15K Harlequin Large Size Multi Stone Eternity Band Moylan-Smelkinson/The Spare Room $3,500.00
Renaissance 22 ct Poesy Ring "Seal Up Secrets" Moylan-Smelkinson/The Spare Room $4,700.00
Art Nouveau Diamond Pearl Necklace Period Pieces $1,899.00
Gryphon or Dragon Charm/Lavalier - Fin de Siècle Period Pieces $299.00
Victorian Photo Cufflinks - 10kt Rose Gold Period Pieces $299.00
18kt Diamond Pearl Lavalier - French Period Pieces $259.00
Festoon Necklace - Seed Pearls in 10kt Gold - Bridal Period Pieces $455.00
Enameled Gold & Pearls - Brooch - WHITESIDE & BLANK (Attrib.) Period Pieces $399.00
Sophisticated 14k Blue Topaz Earrings Black Dog Antiques $185.00
14kt Amethyst Garland or Swag Necklace Period Pieces $2,049.00
14kt Amethyst Art Nouveau Stickpin Period Pieces $199.00
Turquoise in Rose Gold Brooch – Interlace Period Pieces $359.00
Amethyst and Seed Pearl Lavalier - A&C Style Period Pieces $390.00
Diamond Iris Stickpin - 10k Gold Period Pieces $275.00
15kt Blue Enamel Bow Pendant - English Period Pieces $499.00
Antique 19th Century Mourning Cross Brooch Black Jet and Gold Hundred and One Antiques $400.00
Rose & Yellow Gold Flower & Leaf Brooch Period Pieces $159.00
14k Baby or Lingerie Pin Period Pieces $110.00
Diamond Enamel Ginkgo Leaf Brooch/Pendant Period Pieces $985.00