Antique Art Nouveau 15k gold ornate chain necklace Kingston Bay Gallery $1,795.00
Tiffany & Co 18k gold diamonds multi-chain necklace Kingston Bay Gallery $4,950.00
Retro carved coral rose brooch pin in 18k gold Kingston Bay Gallery $1,250.00
Roses in 18k Gold from France Period Pieces $699.00
1970's Gold Lapis Cufflinks Louis Wine Ltd $950.00
Diamonds & Seed Pearl 14kt Flower and Leaf Brooch Period Pieces $699.00
Egyptian Revival Watch Pin Period Pieces $195.00
Rose Gold & Red Stone Ring – Very Victorian Period Pieces $199.00
Ruby & Pearl Ring - 15kt Gold – England 1877 Period Pieces $449.00
Lady with Diamonds – Nouveau Brooch Period Pieces $649.00
Angel Skin Coral 14kt Gold Stick Pin Period Pieces $249.00
Vintage Norway Axel Holmsen Heavy Gilt Sterling Enamel Necklace Anna Marcel $299.00
Ruby and Diamond Ring Georgian or Early Victorian Period Pieces $795.00
Moon Star Arrow – Stick Pin full of Symbolism Period Pieces $249.00
18K Sapphire and Diamond 7 Stone 1/2 Hoop Ring in White Gold, HM 1975 Moylan-Smelkinson/The Spare Room $1,680.00
18k Topaz Ring - Leaf Motif - Art Nouveau Period Pieces $655.00
Cannetille Amethyst Lavalier 10kt Gold Period Pieces $599.00
Beautiful 14K Yellow Gold Moss in Snow Natural Jadeite Jade Saddle Rin Jade-charm168 $2,075.99