Art Nouveau Gold Jewelry

Antique and vintage art nouveau gold estate jewelry with precious and semi-precious mounted stones, fine metalwork, enamel and other decoration.
Antique Japanese Shakudo and Rose Gold Crane and Lily Locket on Chain
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Lady with Diamonds – Nouveau Brooch Period Pieces $649.00
18k Topaz Ring - Leaf Motif - Art Nouveau Period Pieces $655.00
Antique diamond crescent necklace in 14k yellow gold Kingston Bay Gallery $2,950.00
Belle Epoch Art Nouveau Amethyst Flower Lavalier Period Pieces $449.00
Griffin or Dragon Stick Pin – Diamond 14kt Period Pieces $459.00
Amethyst Stick Pin – 14kt Arts & Crafts Period Pieces $235.00
Antique, Peridot seed pearls diamond necklace 18k gold and silver Kingston Bay Gallery $2,750.00
Gold Turquoise & Pearl Bar Pin by BIPPART GRISCOMB & OSBORN Period Pieces $355.00
10k Water Lily or Lotus Pin with Pearl – Art Nouveau Period Pieces $110.00
Garnet & Pearl 9kt Gold Art Nouveau Necklace - English Period Pieces $460.00
Diamond-Set Art Nouveau Lady - Pendant Period Pieces $399.00
Art Nouveau Stickpin Period Pieces $75.00
Peridot Enamel Garland Necklace – Book Piece Period Pieces $2,990.00
Enameled Pansy Pendant with Chain Period Pieces $359.00
Gold Art Nouveau Barrette Period Pieces $125.00
Golden Ivy Cuff Links Period Pieces $259.00
Art Nouveau Lady Pin Period Pieces $295.00
Peridot and Seed Pearl 14kt Gold Brooch or Pin Period Pieces $249.00