Art Nouveau Gold Jewelry

Antique and vintage art nouveau gold estate jewelry with precious and semi-precious mounted stones, fine metalwork, enamel and other decoration.

14kt Gold Amethyst Nouveau Stick Pin Period Pieces $255.00
Stunning Art Nouveau Necklace Period Pieces $2,250.00
Gold Maiden in Profile Art Nouveau Stick Pin Period Pieces $210.00
Turquoise Art Nouveau Lavalier Period Pieces $350.00
DROPSY French Lavalier or Charm - 18k Lady with Irises Period Pieces $425.00
Diamond Gold Enamel Ginkgo Leaf Brooch/Pendant Period Pieces $985.00
Art Nouveau, 14k gold, black opal, sapphire bracelet. E Oakes style. Kingston Bay Gallery $4,750.00
Enamel & Pearl Art Nouveau Lavaliere Period Pieces $535.00
Dainty Art Nouveau Stickpin Period Pieces $215.00
Art Nouveau Alling & Co. Diamond & Enamel Tiger Pendant Kensington House Antiques $1,895.00
Enameled 14K Gold & Pearl Four-Leaf Clover Conversion Ring Kensington House Antiques $695.00
Art Nouveau Crane & Theurer 14K Gold Enamel Seed Pearl Violet Brooch Kensington House Antiques $695.00
The Pet Dragon You Always Wanted Period Pieces $375.00
Nouveau Lady with a Diamond in Her Hair Period Pieces $765.00
18k Topaz Ring with Leaf Motif Art Nouveau Period Pieces $735.00
Bippart Griscomb & Osborn Poppy Pin – Enamel 14kt Period Pieces $615.00
Frankly Beautiful, Not Frankly Fake Peridot Lavalier Period Pieces $275.00
Art Nouveau, 14k gold, seed pearls hair barrette, clip Kingston Bay Gallery $750.00