Art Nouveau Gold Jewelry

Antique and vintage art nouveau gold estate jewelry with precious and semi-precious mounted stones, fine metalwork, enamel and other decoration.

Art Nouveau/Belle Epoch Amethyst Flower Lavalier Period Pieces $449.00
Byzantine Queen with Diamonds in Her Crown - Locket Period Pieces $459.00
Late Art Nouveau 14K Gold & Citrine Pendant Kensington House Antiques $1,495.00
Gold Turquoise & Pearl Bar Pin by BIPPART GRISCOMB & OSBORN Period Pieces $355.00
Amethyst Rose Gold Lavalier Art Nouveau/Arts & Crafts Period Pieces $499.00
10k Lotus or Water Lily Pin with Pearl – Art Nouveau Period Pieces $125.00
Garnet & Pearl 9kt Gold Art Nouveau Necklace - English Period Pieces $499.00
Diamond-Set Art Nouveau Lady - Pendant Period Pieces $399.00
Green (Demantoid) Garnet Pink Topaz Pendant/Pin 15kt Gold Period Pieces $2,249.00
Golden Lady in the Wind Brooch Period Pieces $145.00
Enameled Pansy Lavalier with Chain Period Pieces $359.00
Golden Ivy Cuff Links Period Pieces $259.00
14kt Nouveau/Victorian Green Scarab Beetle Brooch Period Pieces $549.00
Peridot Seed Pearl 14kt Gold Brooch or Pin Period Pieces $249.00
Art Nouveau 14K Gold Enamel Diamond Pearl 4-Leaf Clover Honeymoon Pin Kensington House Antiques $550.00
Krementz Art Nouveau 14K Gold, Enamel & Diamond Pansy Honeymoon Pin Kensington House Antiques $495.00
WHITESIDE & BLANK Sapphire Pearl Pendant Period Pieces $499.00
15kt Gold Peridot Pin with Demantoid (Green) Garnets Period Pieces $549.00