Art Nouveau Gold Jewelry

Antique and vintage art nouveau gold estate jewelry with precious and semi-precious mounted stones, fine metalwork, enamel and other decoration.

WHITESIDE & BLANK? Gold Enameled Pin with Pearls Period Pieces $399.00
Amethyst Art Nouveau Stick Pin 14kt Gold Period Pieces $235.00
Art Nouveau Watch Pin Period Pieces $199.00
Maiden in Profile Gold Art Nouveau Stick Pin Period Pieces $195.00
Art Nouveau Empress Theodora 14K Gold Locket Kensington House Antiques $1,150.00
Nouveau/Deco Lavalier, Purple Stones Period Pieces $45.00
Art Nouveau Barrette Period Pieces $155.00
DROPSY French Lavalier or Charm - 18k Lady with Irises Period Pieces $425.00
China old jade Man The Tretiak Collection
Peridot Enamel Garland Necklace – Book Piece Period Pieces $2,395.00
Signet Ring Art Nouveau 14k Gold Period Pieces $855.00
15k Demantoids, Pink Topazes Pin/Pendant Period Pieces $2,225.00
18k Topaz Ring with Leaf Motif Art Nouveau Period Pieces $695.00
French Roses–18k Gold-So Pretty! Period Pieces $735.00
Bippart Griscomb & Osborn 14k Enamel Flower Pin Period Pieces $575.00
Gold and Pearl Stickpin--Art Nouveau Period Pieces $155.00
A.J. Hedges Art Noveau 14K Enamel & Pearl Witch's Heart Pendant Kensington House Antiques $1,150.00
Byzantine Queen Crowned with Diamonds Period Pieces $585.00