Arts and Crafts Estate Jewelry

Arts and Crafts movement gold estate jewelry. Style witnesses a return to fine, handcrafted jewelry in spite of the industrial revolution (progressing around the artists) associated with the late 19th and early 20th century. Contrasting with other, high style jewelry of the period, designs can be simple and set stones finished often in cabochon rather than cut.

Angel Skin Coral Stick Pin 14kt Period Pieces $335.00
14k Amethyst Stick Pin – Arts & Crafts Era Period Pieces $275.00
HERMANN & SPECK – Blue Sapphire Gold Pin Period Pieces $395.00
Amethyst & Seed Pearl Pendant-A&C Style Period Pieces $455.00
Garnet and Pearl Gold Nouveau Necklace Period Pieces $460.00
Maid in the Moon – Egyptian Revival Locket Period Pieces $525.00
Cognac Diamond and Pearls Arrow Head Stick Pin Period Pieces $425.00
Amethyst & Seed Pearl Lavalier-A&C Style Period Pieces $455.00
Turquoise Rose Gold Brooch – Celtic Entrelac Period Pieces $520.00
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China bronze tortoise chop The Tretiak Collection
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Japan belt hook The Tretiak Collection
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china jade The Tretiak Collection
China old black jade cat The Tretiak Collection