Edwardian Gold Estate Jewelry

Elegant antique jewelry from the reign of King Edward VII (1901 to 1910), transitional pieces, and a few Edwardian style pieces. During Edward's brief reign and for a while afterward, filigree work and other tasteful openwork and expressive, spatial designs carried larger precious and semi-precious stones well in transition from the Victorian style to jewelry styles of the 20th century.

Garland Necklace - Seed Pearls in 10kt Gold Period Pieces $455.00
TIFFANY/SHIEBLER Sterling Sash Buckle Period Pieces $399.00
Diamond Enamel Ginkgo Leaf Pendant/Brooch Period Pieces $985.00
Edwardian 14K Gold Filigree & Amethyst Bracelet Kensington House Antiques $2,450.00
Diamonds & Seed Pearl 14kt Leaf & Flower Pin Period Pieces $699.00
Imperial Russian Guilloche Enamel Diamond Silver 14K Gold Egg Earrings Kensington House Antiques $1,250.00
18k Topaz Ring with Leaf Motif - Art Nouveau Period Pieces $655.00
French Edwardian 18K Gold & Ruby Good Luck Four-Leaf Clover Locket Kensington House Antiques $1,325.00
French 18K Gold & Ruby Saint George Pendant Kensington House Antiques $1,975.00
Carnelian & Seed Pearls Stickpin Period Pieces $225.00
Edwardian Watch Chain – Gold Fill Period Pieces $275.00
Yellow Gold Hound Dog Stick Pin Period Pieces $255.00
Real Beetle set in 14k Rose Gold – Egyptian Revival Period Pieces $180.00
Diamond Enamel Pearl Winged-Heart Necklace 14kt Period Pieces $1,275.00
14K w/g Lavender Amethyst Filigree Ring - 1910 antique world usa $325.00
Peridot Enamel Festoon Necklace – Book Piece Period Pieces $2,990.00
14K r/g Filigree Pearl Ring antique world usa $375.00
14K w/g Diamond Filigree Ring antique world usa $445.00