Edwardian Gold Estate Jewelry

Elegant antique jewelry from the reign of King Edward VII (1901 to 1910), transitional pieces, and a few Edwardian style pieces. During Edward's brief reign and for a while afterward, filigree work and other tasteful openwork and expressive, spatial designs carried larger precious and semi-precious stones well in transition from the Victorian style to jewelry styles of the 20th century.
18k Yellow Gold and Platinum Peridot Ring with Diamonds
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WHITESIDE & BLANK? Enameled Gold Pin with Pearls Period Pieces $399.00
Festoon Necklace-Seed Pearls in 10kt Gold Period Pieces $449.00
Diamonds & Seed Pearl 14kt Flower and Leaf Brooch Period Pieces $699.00
Antique, diamond ruby pendant in 18k yellow gold Kingston Bay Gallery $895.00
South-East Asian 22K Gold and Jade Panel Bracelet Vintage Jade-charm168 $2,790.99
Antique, Edwardian diamond engagement ring in 14k gold Kingston Bay Gallery $1,575.00
Carnelian and Seed Pearl Stick Pin 10kt Gold Period Pieces $199.00
RIKER Amethyst Enamel Pearl Brooch Period Pieces $625.00
Hound Dog Stick Pin – Warm Yellow Gold Period Pieces $255.00
Rose Gold Ring – England – 1903 Stamp Period Pieces $485.00
Antique, ruby, opal, seed pearls pendant, brooch in 14k gold Kingston Bay Gallery $1,295.00
Diamond Enamel Pearl Winged-Heart Necklace 14kt Period Pieces $1,275.00
Antique Russian 14k gold sapphire diamond bracelet in original box Kingston Bay Gallery $2,850.00
14kt White Gold Edwardian Stickpin Period Pieces $95.00
Diamond Enamel Brooch/Pendant - 14kt Rose Gold Period Pieces $959.00
Ruby & Seed Pearl Flower Basket Earrings 10kt Gold Period Pieces $459.00
Belle Époque Amethyst Diamond Brooch Pendant Louis Wine Ltd $6,500.00
Edwardian White Gold and Amethyst Pin Period Pieces $89.00