Victorian Gold Estate Jewelry

Gold jewelry from the reign of Queen Victoria before 1837 and a few later, Victorian style, jewelry items. Precious and semi-precious stones and other decorative medium in finely worked gold mounts of the period.

9k Baby or BEBE Pins – Matching Pair Period Pieces $215.00
Daughters of Liberty Pin Period Pieces $48.00
Victorian 18K Gold & Enamel Love Token Heart Locket Kensington House Antiques $950.00
Victorian 14K Gold, Amethyst & Pearl Pin Kensington House Antiques $595.00
Victorian Etruscan Revival 14K Gold & Coral Brooch Kensington House Antiques $225.00
15k Yellow Gold Albert Watch Chain Bedell & Co. $8,500.00
31.5" 18k Yellow Gold French Chain Bedell & Co. $6,500.00
Victorian Coral Pin Period Pieces $95.00
Victorian Coral Pin Period Pieces $95.00
Rose and Yellow Gold Flower & Leaf Pin Period Pieces $210.00
Enamel Seed Pearls in 15kt Gold - Bow Pendant Period Pieces $499.00
Victorian Bangle Bracelet Period Pieces $255.00
Cameo - Elegant Lady carved in Pale Pink 10kt Period Pieces $355.00
Yellow and Rose Gold Victorian Onyx Brooch Period Pieces $359.00
Victorian Gold, Silver, Garnet & Diamond Witch's Heart Brooch Pendant Kensington House Antiques $1,950.00
Victorian 18K Gold Sapphire & Diamond Clover Sentimental Pin Kensington House Antiques $495.00
French 18K Gold Emperor Napoleon I Medallion Pendant Charm Kensington House Antiques $895.00
Diamond Iris Stick Pin - 10k Yellow Gold Period Pieces $255.00