Victorian 14K Gold, Diamond, Sapphire & Pearl Cross Crucifix Pendant Kensington House Antiques $1,750.00
French Art Nouveau 18K Gold, Diamond & Carved Hardstone Orchid Brooch Kensington House Antiques $5,500.00
Art Nouveau Gilt Silver Hunting Dogs Pendant Kensington House Antiques $275.00
Art Nouveau Mardi Gras COMUS 14K Gold & Enamel Pin Kensington House Antiques $2,495.00
Art Nouveau Diamond & Enamel Violet Honeymoon Pin by Larter Kensington House Antiques $395.00
Art Nouveau Enameled Pansy & Pearl Pin Kensington House Antiques $425.00
Byzantine Queen with Diamonds in Her Crown - Locket Period Pieces $459.00
Georgian Diamond Enamel Gold Ring Period Pieces $1,100.00
St. Catherine Silver Pin or Brooch Period Pieces $225.00
Faith Hope & Charity - Rose Gold-Fronted Pin Period Pieces $189.00
Hound Dog – Warm Yellow Gold Stick Pin Period Pieces $255.00
Rose Gold Ring – England – 1903 Period Pieces $485.00
Amethyst & Diamonds Cluster Ring 10kt Yellow Gold Period Pieces $325.00
Kappa Phi Sorority Pin 14k Gold - 1932 Period Pieces $149.00
French 18K Gold, Sapphire & Enamel Conversion Ring Kensington House Antiques $495.00
Vintage Fred of Paris 18K Gold 420 Class Sailboat Brooch / Pendant Kensington House Antiques $1,650.00
Pampillonia 18K Gold Diamond Horse & Jockey Brooch Kensington House Antiques $2,895.00
Diamond Engagement Ring - Art Deco Period Pieces $999.00
Blue Sapphire Gold Pin by HERMANN & SPECK Period Pieces $289.00
14k Rose Gold Enameled Lyre Pin - Victorian Period Pieces $65.00
Amethyst Rose Gold Lavalier Arts & Crafts/Art Nouveau Period Pieces $499.00
Antique 14K solid Gold & 5 Diamonds WALTHAM full hunter pocket watch. QUALITY AND VARIETY $900.00
BELAIS Sunrise Motif Double Cuff Links – “White Gold Fronts” Period Pieces $119.00
Scarab beetle brooch, micro mosaic and low carat gold Global Ceramics $400.00
Joseff of Hollywood Brass Bulldog Necklace The Antique Center at Historic Savage Mill $495.00
Amethyst & Seed Pearl 14kt Pendant - A&C Style Period Pieces $290.00
10k Lily or Lotus Pin with Pearl – Art Nouveau Period Pieces $125.00
Vintage Mid-Century 14K Gold Diamond Natural Jadeite Cufflinks Dustieoo Antique $1,550.00
Vintage Mid-Century 14K Gold Natural Jadeite Floral Earrings Dustieoo Antique $369.00
Art Deco Chinese 14K Gold Natural Jadeite Pearl Earrings Dustieoo Antique $420.00
1920s Art Deco Chinese 14K Gold Natural Jadeite Leaf Earrings Dustieoo Antique $155.00
Diamond-Set Art Nouveau Lady - Pendant Period Pieces $399.00
Gold and Gold Filled Watch Pin by SIMMONS Period Pieces $75.00
Garnet & Pearl Gold Art Nouveau Necklace Period Pieces $449.00
Diamond Ruby 18kt “Gypsy” Ring with Hallmarks - 1903 Period Pieces $325.00
Diamond Enamel Pearl Winged-Heart Necklace 14kt Period Pieces $1,275.00