Victorian Book Chain and Locket Period Pieces $245.00
Victorian Bangle Bracelet Period Pieces $85.00
Rare Early Modernist Winifred Mason Copper Brooch with Dangles Silverman's Selected Antiques $695.00
Handcrafted Modernist Brutalist Fringe Necklace Auerbach and Maffia $450.00
Pentti Sarpaneva Finland Bronze Large Kinetic Puzzle Pendant and Chain Silverman's Selected Antiques $160.00
Modernist Dancers Statement Necklace Auerbach and Maffia $395.00
Winifred Mason Modernist Copper and Brass Bracelet Mod 20th Century Auerbach and Maffia $295.00
Knut Paulsen Modernist Bronze Bolo 1970 Norway Auerbach and Maffia $375.00
Moore Streb Modernist Bronze Cuff Bracelet 1970 Auerbach and Maffia $750.00
Modernist Jorma Laine Bronze Finland Long Pendant Viking Animal Silverman's Selected Antiques $165.00
Pentti Sarpaneva Finland Bronze Kaarna Pendant Larger Size Bark Design Silverman's Selected Antiques $165.00
Gold-Toned Pins: Ladies and Flowers Period Pieces $49.00
Vintage Norway Bronze Sun Star Pendant Necklace Knut Paulsen Silverman's Selected Antiques $125.00
White Metal Locket with Paperclip Chain Period Pieces $99.00
Vintage Hand Wrought Hammered Copper Necklace Stone Pendant Modernist Silverman's Selected Antiques $195.00
Vintage silver and crystal costume bracelet and earrings set Antiques Collaborative, Inc. $55.00
Vintage JB Pericles Haiti Hand Wrought Ring Adjustable Modernist Silverman's Selected Antiques $145.00
Hannu Ikonen Large Bronze Finland Reindeer Moss Bracelet Modernist Silverman's Selected Antiques $175.00