Gold-Toned Pins: Lady with Flowers Period Pieces $59.00
Collection of Three Coral Jewelry Items Mark & Period, Antique Asian Arts $650.00
Betty Cooke Rare Early Brass Modernist Brooch Auerbach and Maffia $650.00
Casa Maya Mexican Double Mask Necklace 1950 Auerbach and Maffia $345.00
Mixed Metal Brutalist Post Apocalyptic Necklace Auerbach and Maffia $699.00
Jorma Laine Modernist Bronze Necklace Finland Auerbach and Maffia $325.00
Brutalist / Surrealist Brass Insect Form Necklace 1970 Auerbach and Maffia $450.00
JB Pericles Haiti Hand Made Pendant Necklace Modernist Winifred Mason Silverman's Selected Antiques $145.00
White Metal Locket with Paperclip Chain Period Pieces $99.00
Frost Workshops Arts and Crafts Brooch Acid Etched Brass w/ Two Stones Silverman's Selected Antiques $225.00
A Golden Gryphon to Guard You Period Pieces $98.00
JB Pericles Haiti Hand Wrought Huge Pendant Necklace Modernist Chenet Silverman's Selected Antiques $365.00
Else & Paul Hughes Norway Modernist Bronze Pendant & Chain Studio Silverman's Selected Antiques $125.00
Industria Argentina Brutalist Necklace Auerbach and Maffia $695.00
Industria Argentina Brutalist Bracelet Auerbach and Maffia $650.00
Golden Dragon Pin Period Pieces $79.00
Vintage Arts & Crafts Plantagenet Brooch Ruskin Pottery Cabochon Silverman's Selected Antiques $125.00