Carl Tasha Modernist Fantastical Pendant Auerbach and Maffia $325.00
Chunky and Heavy Bronze Ring with Pearl Pending
Hannu Ikonen Bronze Finland Reindeer Moss Pendant Chain Signed Silverman's Selected Antiques $125.00
Unusual Celia Sebiri Bone & Stone Inlay Earrings The Lush Life Antiques $125.00
Cuff of Wire Strands Blackbird Hill Antiques $55.00
Danish Handmade Silverplated Chain Necklace Blackbird Hill Antiques $175.00
Danish Pendant and Chain Blackbird Hill Antiques $95.00
Long Chain of Rectangular Links Blackbird Hill Antiques $95.00
Carl Tasha Modernist Brass Horse Buckle Auerbach and Maffia $450.00
Vintage Casa Maya Mexico Cuff Bracelet Reclining Man Silverman's Selected Antiques $265.00
Pewter Pendant with Chain, Norway, c. 1975 Blackbird Hill Antiques $45.00
GREAT Copper Flamenco Dancer Pendant Spanish Gamut Plus Jewelry $45.00
Vintage Casa Maya Mexico Mixed Metals Cuff Bracelet Birds Silverman's Selected Antiques $265.00
Vintage Casa Maya Whimsical Dogs Earrings Copper Enamel Mexico Silverman's Selected Antiques $145.00
Brass and Banded Agate Cuff Blackbird Hill Antiques $175.00
Vintage Casa Maya Mexico Toro Cuff Bracelet Enamel Copper Signed Silverman's Selected Antiques $150.00
Bronze Pin of Stylized Horse, Finland, c. 1975 Blackbird Hill Antiques $50.00