Bjorn Weckstrom Lapponia Mustang Bronze Flame Large Pendant Finland Silverman's Selected Antiques $395.00
Hannu Ikonen Bronze Finland Reindeer Moss Pendant Chain Signed Silverman's Selected Antiques $125.00
Vintage Art Deco Signed Kollmar & Jourdan Bracelet Rolled Gold Mimi Dee Artwear $99.00
Victorian Art Nouveau Garnet Butterfly Pendant Kensington House Antiques Sold
Peggy Miller Stylized Starfish Hand Wrought Brass Brooch Mid Century Silverman's Selected Antiques $150.00
Silver Plated French Pillboxes Stella Rubin Antique Quilts and Decorative Arts Sold
Finnish Bronze Ring Blackbird Hill Antiques $59.00
Brooch of rare aluminum, Ca 1850 Moylan-Smelkinson/The Spare Room $685.00
Mod Pewter Pendant w/ Purple Stone Necklace SWEDEN Gamut Plus Jewelry $50.00
Ornate Victorian Pin Period Pieces $45.00
Pedro Pujol Modernist Artisan Copper Bracelet Auerbach and Maffia $235.00
Norway Pewter EH Eivind Hillestad Modernist Pendant Necklace Signed Silverman's Selected Antiques $135.00
Sten & Laine Modernist Finland Bronze Orbital Pendant Plus Chain Silverman's Selected Antiques $125.00
Chunky and Heavy Bronze Ring with Pearl Pending
Pal Kepenyes Modernist Necklace - Masterpiece - Mexico Auerbach and Maffia $3,200.00
Carl Tasha Modernist Fish Buckle 1970 Provincetown Auerbach and Maffia $650.00
Arts and Crafts Marshall Field Chicago Brooches Acid Etched Brass Silverman's Selected Antiques $300.00
Victorian Lion Bangle Beacelet - FM Co. The Pink Lady Collection $295.00