Silver Pin/Brooch possibly St. Catherine Period Pieces $225.00
BECKER Joan of Arc Brooch - French Fin de Siecle Period Pieces $189.00
Silver Poppies on Mother of Pearl Brooch Period Pieces $199.00
Victorian Scottish Agate Bracelet Black Dog Antiques $375.00
Plique a Jour Silver Sash Buckle – 1886 – Rare Period Pieces $399.00
Diamonds, Rubies, Pearls in a Love Knot Period Pieces $1,595.00
antique Austro-Hungarian silver enamel pearls Bangle Bracelet One Good Eye Silver $285.00
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SHIEBLER for TIFFANY Sterling Sash Buckle Period Pieces $399.00
Sterling-Silver Topped Fairy Brooch: Is It a Boy or Girl? Period Pieces $119.00
Fleur d'lis Pin Period Pieces $150.00
Silver Grooming Chatalaine–1800s with Chinese Motif Period Pieces $199.00
Shiebler Sterling Aesthetic Movement Pin Blackbird Hill Antiques $395.00
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Engraved Silver Bell Brooch - Russia Period Pieces $225.00
Egyptian Revival Winged Pharaoh Brooch Period Pieces $175.00
Vintage Silver, Turquoise Victorian Necklace Swallows Trail $285.00
Astounding Egyptian Revival Brooch Period Pieces $1,550.00
Egyptian Revival Plique a Jour Pin Period Pieces $585.00
Pavé Turquoise Brooch Period Pieces $325.00