St. Catherine or ? - Silver Brooch or Pin Period Pieces $215.00
Joan of Arc Brooch by BECKER - French Fin de Siecle Period Pieces $169.00
Victorian Bohemian garnet silver vermeil Necklace ~ floral clusters One Good Eye Silver $645.00
Silver Poppies on Mother of Pearl Brooch Period Pieces $175.00
Adorable Cupids with Plique a Jour Enamel Wings Period Pieces $875.00
Victorian Garnet Pin Period Pieces $95.00
Plique a Jour Silver Sash Buckle – 1886 – Unusual Period Pieces $299.00
SHIEBLER for TIFFANY Sterling Sash Buckle Period Pieces $399.00
Egyptian Revival Brooch Period Pieces $795.00
Victorian Garnet Pin Period Pieces $95.00
1800s Silver Grooming Chatalaine with Chinese Motif Period Pieces $199.00
Engraved Silver Bell Pin - Russia Period Pieces $215.00
Victorian Scottish Silver Agate Bracelet Heart Padlock Bracelet Anna Marcel $429.00
Antique Reliquary Silver Locket Period Pieces $155.00
Late 19th Century Large Sterling Bracelet Blackbird Hill Antiques $245.00
Victorian Scottish silver cairngorm and agates Pin / Pendant One Good Eye Silver $125.00
French curb chain silver bracelet, c 1880 Global Ceramics $140.00
Victorian Sterling Paste & Natural Pearls Crescent Moons Target Brooch Tresors de Belles $95.00