All Items : Fine Art : Sculpture : Wood : Contemporary item #1464452 (stock #08332)
t a t a m i


Smooth and refined anonymous hinoki wood carving phallus with remained original square shape at lower part as intentionally or not, as a sacred symbol of Japanese phallic worship, approx...
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Miniatures : Pre 1837 VR item #1464426 (stock #a1860)
A well executed miniature of an English gent. The reverse of the painting identifies the sitter as Thomas Sheppard, painted by W. Bate in 1802. Presented in an unusual gold painted frame with the miniature displayed in the diagonal direction. The condition of the miniature is excellent, with the inside rim of the frame having a "ding" at around 2:00 o'clock...
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Miniatures : Pre 1837 VR item #1464400 (stock #na178)
A rare and signed portrait miniature by Charles Byrne. Done in an almost impressionistic style, the sitter is a blue-eyed woman simply presented in a white gown with fur trimming along the top edge. She is posed against a gauzy white background with blue tints to complement her eyes.

The miniature has a sight size of 2 1/2" by 2" and is in excellent condition...

All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Miniatures : Pre 1800 item #1464328 (stock #a1851)
A nice English c1795 miniature of a gent wearing a white shirt and ascot, with a red waistcoat and black jacket. The reverse of the gilded metal case has a a central fabric section set into an opalescent surround over guilloche work. Excellent condition with an overall size of 2 5/8" by 2 1/8".
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Oil : Pre 2000 item #1464323 (stock #2818)
L'Enfant Gallery
Glenn Pizer, American Modernist Artist known for a brilliant abstract work. From the series of religious buildings done by the artist. The work measuring 15.5x12” on paper. Framed and matted measuring 24”x21”
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Oil : Europe : British : Pre 1900 item #1464314 (stock #1021)
A beautiful antique oil painting of a Girl in a bonnet Holding a Flower Basket. Early 19th century English oil on canvas in original antique frame. Overall size 32ʺW × 2ʺD × 41ʺH in good antique condition minor imperfections commensurate of age.
All Items : Fine Art : Prints : Lithographs : Pre 1960 item #1464310
A fine lithograph, hand signed in pencil at lower right, 15 3/4" by 18" inside the present mat (21 1/2" by 24" total), by the Kansas-born artist HAYES LYON (1909-1987). At lower left the work is apparently numbered "1 - 16". The title of the work is "Conifer and Canyon Stream". Lyon was born in Athol, Kansas and was in Boulder as a youth, ultimately attending the University of Colorado and University of Denver. While at the latter he met artists Willard Nash and B.J.O. Nordfeldt...
All Items : Fine Art : Prints : Lithographs : Pre 1950 item #1464309
An unframed lithograph, 9 1/2" by 14" inside the present mat, 16" by 21 1/2" overall, published circa 1940 in an edition of 250 examples, by Associated American Artists, the subject circus elephants and their riders, the piece signed at lower right in pencil by noted American artist RAYMOND CREEKMORE (1905-1984). The print is in shrink wrap and photos were taken through that; condition appears clean and fine...
All Items : Fine Art : Sculpture : Metal : Pre 1930 item #1464294 (stock #2816)
L'Enfant Gallery
A Magnificent Handmade Copper Metal weathervane made into the shape of a galloping horse that was from a beautiful Hampton New York home. Mounted now a a custom wooden plinth The weathervane measuring 19 inch in height by 32 inches in length. The stand measures H: 3”, L; 33”, D; 8”
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Pastel : Pre 1960 item #1464290 (stock #5A29C)
Pastel Painting on Paper in Frame, 22 1/2" x 16" (frame size), 17 1/2" x 10 1/2"(Painting size), snow capped high mountain and some Castle ruins in the background, beautiful Castle complex can be excessed from the land, and sailing boat in the lake, such beautiful peaceful surroundings. Frame and mat is around 1970's, the painting is older, no damages for the painting and frame. Belongs to private collection in DC area.
All Items : Fine Art : Prints : Pre 1900 item #1464289 (stock #5A28E)
Printed 1850 Map for France, 21" x 14"(frame size), 17" x 11"(print size), Title is "France En 1850", "A Paris, chez, edit Rue de La Pareheminerie", Atlas National Illustre", 3 tears on the top and bottom, yellowed paper with some yellowed spot, belongs to the private collection in DC area.
All Items : Fine Art : Prints : Lithographs : Pre 1970 item #1464286
A lithograph, featuring trees aned dwellings near railroad tracks, pencil signed "HELEN NOEL EST." at lower right, unframed, 11 1/2" by 17 1/2". The artist is HELEN JEANETTE NOEL SHAGAM (1912-1989) of Illinois...
All Items : Fine Art : Drawings : Pen : Pre 1950 item #1464280
An ink on paper drawing in striking Surrealism style, signed with initials RM at lower left within the imagery by the noted Mexican muralist, painter and illustrator ROBERTO MONTENEGRO (1887-1968). The subject is a Dali style clock face, a skeletal hand pointing, and other strange almost biomorphic shapes completing the imagery. Written in pencil underneath the mat is "Hora Unica" (which I take to mean 1 o'clock, the bony index finger on that numeral on the clock face)...
All Items : Fine Art : Prints : Pre 1910 item #1464279
An unusual offering: a print of some type, appearing as lithograph but not, perhaps a Heliogravure or similar, with HAND COLORING IN PASTEL, the oval-shaped card on which this is created measuring 20" by 16", the entire wood apparently original early oval frame measuring 26 1/2" by 23 1/2". Research indicates this is after a Renoir original work "Portrait of a Girl Wearing a Charlotte", circa 1900, now in the collection of the Musee d'Orsay in Paris...
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Oil : Pre 1980 item #1464253 (stock #2814)
L'Enfant Gallery
Mr Chase was a Chicago area painter who was known as a landscape painter of the city of Chicago. He later traveled and painted with other artist known as California Impressionist. Measuring 8” x 10” this work is done in oil on panel and framed in a beautiful gold leaf baroque frame measuring 18.5”x 20”
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Oil : Pre 1930 item #1464252 (stock #2813)
L'Enfant Gallery
Nineteenth Century Italian Artist Ercole Garavaglia painted and lived in the Dolomites of the Italian Alps. This work, in the three dimensions style in oil measuring 12”x 8” and is framed, measuring 19” x 14” work is from the 1920s
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Pastel : Contemporary item #1464251 (stock #2812)
L'Enfant Gallery
Bruce A. Gomez is a Master Artist who is a Native American and mainly works in pastels, a medium that requires many, many layers. This work reminds us of the work of Turner who focused on weather and skies. An incredible work that photography does not do justice. Framed measuring 18.5” x 20”
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Oil : Contemporary item #1464250 (stock #2811)
A beautiful painting of the American Southwest by artist Reita Newkirk, born 1946. Ms. Newkirk paints and lives in New Mexico. She is known for her lush landscapes in oil and watercolor. This work measures 12”x 9” and framed measures 21.5x 17”