River Scene at sunset New England Art Exchange $2,400.00
Demolishing the Century Theater,1931 New England Art Exchange $625.00
Night time in Dieppe New England Art Exchange $675.00
Abbo Ostrowsky, Rus./Am.,1889-1975 " Groundnut Hill " what pdx $495.00
Wenceslaus Hollars Hanns Holbein Portrait c 1647 what pdx $399.00
Additional Color Transparency of Leonor Fini's works. SANAI FINE ART & ANTIQUES see price at #1390706
Qajar Miniature Watercolor of Lovers what pdx $295.00
Qajar Miniature Watercolor of a Couple in a Palace what pdx $295.00
Qajar Miniature Watercolor of A Prince and His Bride ? what pdx $345.00
Eugene Higgins 1 8 7 4 - 1 9 5 8 Monotype print what pdx $395.00
Wenceslaus Hollar Adam Elsheimer, etching 1649 what pdx $395.00
M Morett etching By Wenceslaus Hollar c 1647 what pdx $195.00
Antique 19th century Russian Orthodox St. John Icon Nevyansk School Hundred and One Antiques $1,500.00
Qajar Miniature Watercolor of Soldiers Sword fighting what pdx $345.00
James Fitzjames 1670-1733, 1st Duke of Berwick what pdx $225.00
Jean Bart 1651-1702, 1789 by Antoine Louis Francois Sergent-Marceau what pdx $199.00