Muriel Spain small watercolor painting of three birds dated 1983 Dalia's Gallery $125.00
Milford Zornes (1908 -2008) American California well listed artist watercolor landscape painting circa 1940 Dalia's Gallery $1,950.00
Maurice Mourlot (1906 -1983) well listed French painter color limited edition lithograph signed in pencil Dalia's Gallery $195.00
Marc Chagall (1887- 1985) plate signed etching from " Dead Souls"series Dalia's Gallery $950.00
Micheline Cannaut - Utz (1900- ) French artist oil on canvas painting of exotic street scene in Tunisia Dalia's Gallery $4,000.00
Millard Owen Sheets (1907- 1989) American artist color serigraph print "Startled Birds" Dalia's Gallery $495.00
Mark Freeman (1908- 2003) noted well listed American New York artist mixed media impressionist city scene painting Dalia's Gallery $739.00
Mark Freeman (1908- 2003) noted American artist lithograph print "Jungle Idol" Dalia's Gallery $625.00
Modern colorful abstract impressionist oil on canvas painting signed JENSEN red colors are dominant Dalia's Gallery $789.00
Marine art clipper ship on high seas painting signed Dalia's Gallery $169.00
Modern gouache painting of watermelons against a geometric backdrop Dalia's Gallery $295.00
Mid. century California oil painting of a residence in the desert Dalia's Gallery $239.00
Modern abstract art painting signed Tom Shultz Dalia's Gallery $269.00
Mid century oil painting of a young girl in the meadows signed Dalia's Gallery $65.00
Mary Alice Higgy (1874 -1969) American Ohio artist landscape painting of clouds and mountains RARE Dalia's Gallery $185.00
Marine art tugboat on high seas original limited edition lithograph signed by the artist Dalia's Gallery $145.00
Michael Getsoff American listed artist mid century abstract painting of flowers on a table 1957 Dalia's Gallery $145.00
McFarland contemporary artist black and white aquatint original etching signed in pencil female figures animals and horse Dalia's Gallery $117.00