All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Oil : N. America : American : Pre 1960 item #1436005 (stock #JB05170)
An oil on board painting of a landscape with lonely structures and trees, a mountain behind, unsigned, apparently AFTER/IN THE STYLE OF a known 1950's work by famed Utah artist LeConte STEWART (1891-1990). On the reverse in old pencil writing is "American Artist/Nov. 1955/Library/Back page/by LeConte Stewart/"Spring in Eden"/oil 16 x 20"...
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Oil : Pre 1990 item #1435970 (stock #1163)
L'Enfant Gallery
Glenn Pizer, American artist portrait of Jessica, oil on canvas 37”x31” this is from The artist more primary color period. Glenn Pizer American Master Artist is known for his visit colors in masterful compositions, and has been painting for over 30 years. She is originally from the Washington DC area
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Watercolor : Pre 1970 item #1435917 (stock #990a)
L'Enfant Gallery
D. Hidayet was a Turkish Artist (1912-1972) frequently frequently traveled throughout the Middle East and was an accomplished watercolor artist. This work of the Cairo bazaar was done in 1964 and measures 12 x 18“
All Items : Fine Art : Mixed Media : Pre 1980 item #1435916 (stock #050)
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Oil : N. America : American : Pre 1930 item #1435876
Large oil on canvas landscape painting, 30" by 40" (38" by 48" framed) featuring a full moon, trees, and a number of Native Americans around tipis at left, (as well as a mounted one to their right), signed lower right in red "J Carlson". The style, with layered, labored paint application, and the subject matter, reminds of the work of important American artist Ralph Blakelock (1847-1919)...
All Items : Fine Art : Prints : Lithographs : Pre 1900 item #1435873
An example of the circa 1870's Currier and Ives American lithograph "Summer in the Woods", 11 3/4" by 16" inside the mat, 17 1/4" by 21 1/4" as framed. The print is in good antique condition (not examined out of frame) with a faint damp stain at upper left margin and some foxing and slight discolorations at lower area...
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Oil : Pre 1940 item #1435852 (stock #807)
L'Enfant Gallery
Martha Walter, 1875-1976, was an American artist who was a student of William Merritt Chase. Her work was based on her worldly travelers from the early twentieth century. This work is based on a portrait of a mother and child done in thick impasto oil on artist board, with the reverse showing a beautiful floral still measures 22”x19”, in a beautiful water gilded frame that measures 32”x28” This work is perhaps the most loving portrait done by her we have seen. It was done 1910/1920
All Items : Fine Art : Prints : Etchings : Pre 1910 item #1435826
A PAIR of very clean French artist 19th century etchings, the subject of both upper class women, one by CHARLES WALTNER (1846-1925), the second by ERNEST JOSEPH LAURENT (1859-1929). They are also very nicely (identically) framed in tasteful black and silvery framing, including silk mat and inner fillet; the frames also in excellent condition. The combination of art and quality framing makes for a most handsome decorative addition to your traditional interior...
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Oil : Europe : French : Pre 1900 item #1435762
David Anthony
A striking pose of Louis XVI, the French monarch who lost his life at the guillotine in 1793. This 19th C. miniature is based on several portraits of the Bourbon king by Antoine-Francois Callet and his followers during and after Louis' life time.

The king is wearing a crimson coat richly embroidered in gold, and featuring the Huguenot cross. Nature provides the background. The painting is signed at the right n...
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Watercolor : Pre 1970 item #1435750
A vintage watercolor painting, circa 1965 perhaps, featuring a northern New Mexico church, perhaps the famous one at Ranchos de Taos, although it also vaguely resembles the iconic sanctuary at Chimayo. Or, perhaps it is intentionally a composite of many of the wonderful old churches of northern New Mexico. This piece measures 20" by 24" inside the mat and 30" by 34" as nicely framed in blanched wood. An internet search has not revealed an artist that might be matched to this work...
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Oil : Europe : French : Pre 1950 item #1435705
Oil on canvas painting of a young blued-eyed blonde woman in circa 1940 hat and provocative gauzy top, 24" by 18" (31" by 24 1/2" framed), signed at lower center by listed French artist CESAR VILOT. There does not seem to be a biography of Vilot but his works of sprawled female nudes and ballerinas show him to be a talented painter of women. This work somewhat resembles the work of artist Jean Gabriel Domergue. Condition is excellent; frame shows some wear especially at left...
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Oil : N. America : American : Pre 1940 item #1435704
Oil on canvas landscape painting of a river in a wooded landscape at dusk, (19 1/2" by 23 1/2" framed), signed at lower right by the listed artist IRA McDADE (1867-1954). The scene could be Pennsylvania or Texas, as the artist is associated with both states. Born in Pittsburgh at the end of the Civil War, he studied art at the Pittsburgh School of Art and for a time under well-known Pennsylvania artist A. F. King...
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Oil : N. America : American : Pre 1980 item #1435703
Oil on canvasboard panel painting, 16" by 20" (21 1/2" by 25 1/2" framed) featuring the iconic towering monoliths of Monument Valley, Arizona, with mounted cowboys and Conestoga wagon adding a human touch to the scene, signed at lower right by Southern California artist Billie van Bogart. The work probably dates to the 1960's or early 1970's at latest. Would add a very decorative touch to your Southwest interior...
All Items : Fine Art : Sculpture : Pre 1990 item #1435618
Published in February 1989, an unpaginated softcover with colored photos. Written in Italian, it illustrates 25 works of art.
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Oil : Pre 1990 item #1435496 (stock #112)
L'Enfant Gallery
Max Kassler, American 1905–19 92 was an abstract Artist norm for some of the most unusual experimental work based on the human figure He was an early student of the Picasso school of painting. This work culminated his idea of abstraction in space.
All Items : Fine Art : Prints : Photographs : Pre 1980 item #1435424
An enhanced, dramatic color Cibachrome print photograph, hand titled "Cairo Cityscape Egypt 1979", also hand signed in the same silvery ink by the photographer, LYDIA CLARKE HESTON and numbered at lower center mat 10 of 20 examples. HESTON (1923-2018) was for 64 years the wife of the famous American actor, but was an independent woman who carved her own path despite being in the shadow of one of America's most famous faces of the 20th century...
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Oil : N. America : American : Pre 1950 item #1435419
Impressionist painting of a small brook in a landscape, bordered by trees, the season perhaps early spring, suggested by the white ground-hugging flowers in the foreground. The unsigned work, on board, measures 19" by 14 1/2" (21 3/4" by 17" in attractive gold frame). The artist could be American, or European...there is old pencil notation on the reverse in American handwriting referring to varnish type. The work was recently cleaned and two hairline horizontal scratches were attended to...
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Oil : N. America : American : Pre 1970 item #1435410
David Anthony
A very fine painting of a rural homestead with miles of quiet and seclusion around...