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Mexican Nayarit culture Classical Period painted terra cotta pregnant or nursing mother. Measuring 11” tall, 9” wide, amd 7” deep The provenance Dr Camara Peon. 1940-2015 The important part of the nursing mother is that he excavated it from a burial mound on the family’s property in the 1920s, which accounts for the flawless condition
All Items : Fine Art : Sculpture : Stone : Pre 1900 item #1485293 (stock #3616)
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A fine pair of early 19th century  Italian Neo Classical recumbent male lions in conversation.these lions are hand hewn from Solid blocks of travertine, figures as well as bases from single blocks These sculptures were executed in Rome,early in tge 19th century and Purchased there by the family of August Vasaio. The family owned them throughout the 19th century and shipped them from their home in Pescara, Abruzzo to Washington DC in the 1940s L’ Enfant Gallery purchased them directly ...
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Pre 1960 item #1485181 (stock #3614)
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Finnish Artist Arthur Heickell 1873-1958 “ Religious Still Life” Measuring 20” x 16” oil on canvas, framed.
All Items : Fine Art : Sculpture : Metal : Pre 1920 item #1485180 (stock #3613)
L'Enfant Gallery
BRONZE ROUNDEL OF GEORGE WASHINGTON BY ARTIST LEO NOCK 1873-1949 Measuring 6.75 inches in diameter. Signed and dated 1914
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Watercolor : Pre 1970 item #1485165 (stock #22B3-1087)
Walton Blodgett signed watercolor painting - Red on White, a Vermont Farm in Winter. Circa 1960. Size: 18 inches x 22.5 inches (sight). Signed in lower right. This watercolor captures a VT farm on a sunny winter day, with the red barn complex providing a dramatic contrast to the white farmhouse and snowy landscape that surrounds it...
All Items : Fine Art : Mixed Media : Sculptural : Pre 2000 item #1485148 (stock #12517)
t a t a m i


Japanesse bronze 'Kakebotoke' (lit. 'Hanging Buddha' / Ref. with such a lovely face. Showa-Heisei period, late 20th century. 13.7 x 7.5 x 2.7 cm (5.39 x 2.95 x 1.06in)...
All Items : Fine Art : Prints : Etchings : Pre 1970 item #1485128 (stock #3612)
Etching Artist Luigi Rossini Published Rossini dis. e inc. Roma 1822 Dimensions 16” x 21” Notes Inscription reads: 'A. Ponte rotto. B. Chiesa della Bocca della Verita. C. Fabbriche di Trastevere. D. Molini.' Plate 43 from Le Antichita Romane, ossia Raccolta della piu interessanti Vedute di Roma Antica, depicting the Bridge of Cestius, known commonly at the time as the Ponte Ferrato...
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Pre 1900 item #1485127 (stock #3611)
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PASSION OF CHRIST, A FRENCH OIL ON COPPER, AFTER TITIAN, MEASURING 36” x 31” Tiziano Vecelli or Vecellio (pronounced [titˈtsjaːno veˈtʃɛlljo]; c. 1488/90[1] – 27 August 1576),[2] known in English as Titian (/ˈtɪʃən/ TISH-ən), was an Italian[a] (Venetian) Renaissance painter of Lombard origin,[4] considered the most important member of the 16th-century Venetian school...
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A 19th century plate etching of an original etching by Rembrandt 1606-1669 measuring 22” x 17”, image size 9“ x 7“
All Items : Fine Art : Sculpture : Bronze : Contemporary item #1485109 (stock #DG092623-11)
A set of finely cast Asian bronze triple tortoises animal statues.

Age: Contemporary
Size: Length 30.4 - 40.2 C.M. / Width 19.8 - 22.5 C.M. / Height 8.5 - 10.7 C.M.
Condition: Nice condition overall. Please refer to the enlargement photos for more details.
Shipment: Worldwide shipping from Bangkok, Thailand at actual cost. Please e-mail us for the shipping fee.

All Items : Fine Art : Sculpture : Clay : Contemporary item #1485100
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"Figure with Guarded Vision", wood fired clay sculpture by William Schwob. Life size female figure with shifting shoulders and distant gaze. A cityscape with Roman columns and windowed buildings merges with mountainous layers, a landscape within the familiarity of a human form...
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Oil : Asia : Pre 1700 item #1485044
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An antique Japanese two panel screen painting (byobu) of the battle between the two historical figures Minamoto no Yoshitsune and Benkei.
Minamoto no Yoshitsune (born Ushiwakamaru c.1159) was raised in a monastery near in Kyoto. His incredible skill as a warrior emerged when he was very young. In the scene depicted here, he famously defeats the great warrior-monk, Benkei (Saito Musashibo Benkei). The young Ushiwakamaru easily leaps over the larger warrior...
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Pre 1900 item #1485043
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Antique Japanese full six panel painted screen depicting a flock of cranes resting a gold leaf backdrop. Bordered with silk and simple black lacquer wood frame. Touches a red pigment adorns each of the cranes crown, black wing tips feathers fade to white. Some are seen resting as are grooming and enjoying the social rest. Across the six panels are 100 Japanese cranes.

In Japan the crane is viewed as a national treasure...
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Pre 1800 item #1485042
Zentner Collection
Japanese two panel painted byobu (screen) depicting a winters evening with resting pair of mandarin ducks siting amongst the late blooming roses at waters edge. A pair of song birds sitting within the white hydrangeas...
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Pre 1930 item #1485041
Zentner Collection
Japanese two panel screen depicting a family of horses. Painted with a simple flowing style of sumi ink on paper. Bordered in original aged gold leaf and black lacquered frame.
The horse has always been considered the sacred mount of the kami, Japanese gods. During the Nara period (710-794), the practice of shinme, consisting in offering a horse as a votive offering to a shrine to serve as a divine mount, spread...
All Items : Fine Art : Paintings : Pre 1800 item #1485039
Antique Two panel Japanese byobu screen depicting the first frost at waters edge. Japanese herons and mandarin ducks contently rest and foliage with a light dusting of snow screen depicted on the late white plumb blossom tree. Three ducks rest and warm themselves beneath the near barren tree. A pair of Japanese herons are seem amoungst the water with sprouted bamboo and flowering water lilly. In Japan the white heron is known to be able to move between three elements air, earth and water. T...
All Items : Fine Art : Prints : Etchings : Pre 1930 item #1485038
Dame Laura Knight 1877-1970 British This is a fine aquatint etching by British artist Dame Laura Knight (1877-1970) The subject is Pavlova in her role as a Grecian Dancer. It was created and printed in 1923 in an edition of 55. This etching is pencil signed and inscribed "print 2"..The image mesures 9 7/8X 6 7/8 inches. Printed on a medium weight wove type sheet.
All Items : Fine Art : Prints : Etchings : Pre 1920 item #1485036
Bernard Boutet De Monvel 1881-1949 French This is a fine color aquatint by French artist Bernard Boutet de Monvel .. It is titled Fillette a L'Ombrelle, created and printed in 1910. The image measures 10 3/4X6 7/8 inches. Signed in block letters in pencil lower right border. Printed on a medium weight wove type sheet. Numbered as 3/10.