John Taylor Arms, etching, "Palencia Cathedral" New England Art Exchange $700.00
Harold Kerr Eby, etching, "Little Franklin" New England Art Exchange $575.00
Original Oil Painting by Charles Cobelle, Lapin Agile SANAI FINE ART & ANTIQUES $4,500.00
Vintage Post Impressionist Nude Female Oil Painting Antiquarian Art Co. $1,200.00
Chinese fan painting of goldfish Asian Works of Art Gallery $300.00
Antique Dutch Floral Still Life STUDIO ANTIQUES & FINE ART, INC. $2,850.00
Landscape by Loring Coleman STUDIO ANTIQUES & FINE ART, INC. $3,500.00
RAMON KELLEY "SENORA LUCERO" ORIGINAL PASTEL 1971 Daniel Simhon Fine Art $2,200.00
George Lethbridge Saunders Portrait Miniature c1836 Leslie Antiques Ltd. $2,450.00
Moses B. Russell Miniature Portrait of a Young Woman c1846 Leslie Antiques Ltd. $2,450.00
Superb American Portrait Miniature of Child c1835 - 1840 Leslie Antiques Ltd. $2,195.00
William B. Hoyt painting - Pursuit of Happiness Antiques Collaborative, Inc. $25,000.00
Print "The natives of Otaheite attacking Capt Wallis" c 1780 what pdx $120.00
Engraving "The natives of Otaheite Attacking Capt Wallis" C1780 what pdx $125.00
c.1780 "View of the Fleet of Otaheite" what pdx $125.00
C 1780 " View of the Island of Otaheite" Capt Wallis what pdx $99.00