Capt Cook " Morai Burial Place Owhyhee A view of a Priests House" what pdx $445.00
Capt Cook Terreeoboo Gifts and The Death of capt Cook c 1788 what pdx $595.00
Capt Cook "Habitations and People of the Island of Atooi" c 1790 what pdx $445.00
Capt Cook "Landing Of Capt Cook at Tanna New Hebrides" 1790 what pdx $445.00
Capt Cook Voyage Engraving "The inside of a Hippa New Zealand " 1790 what pdx $445.00
An Offering Before Captain Cook, in the Sandwich Islands (Hawaii) what pdx $1,100.00
H. Muller, Bronze Sculpture of a Gentleman. Coins and Antiques Gallery $3,450.00
Antique American Folk Art Oil Painting of Puppies Frog, Signed Graham June Hastings $425.00
Winter Landscape Painting by August H.O. Rolle (American 1875-1941) STUDIO ANTIQUES & FINE ART, INC. $4,500.00
NORTHAM ROBINSON GOULD "CASTING THE NETS" 1946 Daniel Simhon Fine Art $750.00
Thomas Hovenden, etching, "The Old Shaver" 1887 New England Art Exchange $625.00
Manuel Robbe, etching, "La Parisienne" 1907 New England Art Exchange $1,600.00
Moses and the Brazen Serpent c 1597 Francesco Villamena Italian what pdx $5,895.00
Louis Legrand, etching, "Sous les Figuires (Beneath the Fig Trees)" New England Art Exchange $425.00
Large and Vivid Poinsettia Painting - Florida Artist E & M Perez $350.00
John Taylor Arms, etching, "Amiens" 1926 New England Art Exchange $575.00
John Taylor Arms, etching, "Gerona" 1925 New England Art Exchange $625.00
Edmund Blampied, etching, "A Jersey Vraic Cart" 1939 New England Art Exchange $495.00