Paris (Serigraph) David Anthony $575.00
Palace Courtyard - Lithograph David Anthony $295.00
Ovoidist Portrait David Anthony $1,500.00
Winthrop Duthie Turney (1884-1964) Art Cache CONTACT GALLERY
Ocean View (Francis Hopkinson Smith) David Anthony $1,100.00
New York Harbor, Oil on Canvas David Anthony $1,200.00
Matthew Brady Dag Case with Two Portrait Miniatures c1845 Leslie Antiques Ltd. $1,550.00
Mudge Pond, View From Blum's Farm # 2 David Anthony $265.00
Mother and Daughter Drawing David Anthony $650.00
Morning Reflections - Photographic Print David Anthony $100.00
Miniature Portrait Plate David Anthony $100.00
Miniature Portrait of Queen Louise of Prussia David Anthony $495.00
Tavik F. Simon, Czech, "From the Latin Quarter", 1907 New England Art Exchange $425.00
Hans Kleiber, etching, "Starting on the Hunt" New England Art Exchange $475.00
Peggy Bacon, etching, "Spirit of the Rain" New England Art Exchange $625.00
James Monroe (Print) David Anthony $415.00
Haku Maki Note 23b. Big Blue. Poem 69-17. The Tretiak Collection please enjoy
George Midleton, Portrait David Anthony $1,200.00