Erastus Salisbury Field Self-Portrait Portraits On Main $5,000.00
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ENRIQUE CAMINO BRENT ~ Oil Painting Galleria Verges $5,000.00
Henri Rondel Oil on Canvas Beyond Expression Antiques $5,000.00
Painting in Ink ~ JOHN BOYCE Galleria Verges $5,000.00
Chinese Natural Nephrite Jade Hollowed Pendant, Jade Chain Helen M Edwards $5,000.00
Wilson Bigaud Paradise ZQ Art $5,000.00
1st Issue of Buddha from Wat Paknam Tushita Antiques & Fine Arts Gallery $5,000.00
J. Syer, 1870 Oil on Canvas Beyond Expression Antiques $5,000.00
Jean Olivier B 1923 French Nief artist "Parisian Family bath night " what pdx $4,995.00
A Very Fine Original Oil Painting The Bodhisattva Collection $4,995.00
Thomas R. Curtin Vermont painting - Village in Winter Antiques Collaborative, Inc. $4,950.00
Rare Clarissa Peters Double Miniature Portrait c1845 Leslie Antiques Ltd. $4,950.00
Winter Snows By Frederic Wagner American impressionist Antiquarian Art Co. $4,900.00
"Autumn Trees on a Hillside" by Clark S. Marshall (Am.) STUDIO ANTIQUES & FINE ART, INC. $4,850.00
Early Dutch Floral Still Life STUDIO ANTIQUES & FINE ART, INC. $4,850.00
Ross Braught Modernist Surrealistic Figural Landscape Auerbach and Maffia $4,800.00