Gandhara, Stucco Head of Buddha, 3rd/4th Cent. AD SwisSiam-Arts-Antiques-Gems $1450.00
anceint agate beads Uddiyana Art
gandhara buddha sitting Uddiyana Art $13,000.00
Gandhara Stucco Head of Buddha, 3/4th Century A.D. SwisSiam-Arts-Antiques-Gems $1600.00
Chinese Spirit Stone Zentner Collection $2,500.00
Sukothai Walking Buddha The Buddha Gallery Auction
Gothic Male Saint Sculpture 15thc Forteleza Antiques Inc. $890.00
17th Century Italian Chalk Drawing SUSQUEHANNA Antique Company, Inc. $740.00
Italian School Architectural Drawing, 17th SUSQUEHANNA Antique Company, Inc. $400.00
Mid 17th Century French Portrait of a Lady Portraits On Main Researching