Antique French Miniature Self Portrait Painting Lebrun with Daughter June Hastings $985.00
La Coquette Fixee~ Jacques Couche Black Dog Antiques $95.00
The Flower Seller, Painting by L. Souillard (French, 19th century) STUDIO ANTIQUES & FINE ART, INC. $4,500.00
WOODPECKER YELLOW NAPED John Gould Richter Birds Asia Antique London St. Johns Art and Antiques $1,000.00
View of the US Capitol by Caroline van Hook Bean STUDIO ANTIQUES & FINE ART, INC. $1,450.00
Attribute to Marjorie Organ, American 1886-1931 SUSQUEHANNA Antique Company, Inc. $350.00
Massim Snuff mortar Arion Tribal Arts $120.00
James Kelly 1913-2003 S F 1950s Abstract Limited edition graphic what pdx $1,450.00
Kambatta Headrest Arion Tribal Arts $175.00
English School (Circa, 1850-1870) STUDIO ANTIQUES & FINE ART, INC. $1,150.00
Newly Re-Discovered Print of the Capitol at Washington in 1892 STUDIO ANTIQUES & FINE ART, INC. $345.00
Painting of TWO BALLERINAS { OIL ON CANVAS Eric J.Phillips Antique Estate Jewelry $600.00
Arthur Bowen Davies, Lithograph, "Circling Doves" 1921 New England Art Exchange $450.00
Oil on Wood Painting The Mediterranean Market Nicole Maleine Antiques, Inc $395.00
Portrait Miniature by John Barry c1790 Leslie Antiques Ltd. Sold
Stephen Parrish, etching, "On the Annisquam, 1880" New England Art Exchange $425.00
Original Oil Painting by Charles Cobelle, Lapin Agile SANAI FINE ART & ANTIQUES $4,750.00
Mezzotint engraving, Holderness Cow, London 1798 Delaplane Antiques $600.00
Watercolor, man beating hand drum, England?, 19th c. Welcome To Another Century $100.00
Night Landscape by Albert Pike Lucas (American 1862-1945 STUDIO ANTIQUES & FINE ART, INC. $2,850.00
Lucille Ireland Modernist Vintage Abstract Oil Painting Auerbach and Maffia $1,250.00
Georges Rouault, etching, Le Jongleur, 1930 New England Art Exchange $1,450.00
Serene Gilt Wooden Disciple in adoration, 18th Cent. SwisSiam-Arts-Antiques-Gems $5,150.00
Antique Miniature Portrait Painting. Coins and Antiques Gallery $575.00
Choir Practice by Helen LaFrance Shelton Gallery - Helen LaFrance, Fine Art and Antiques $9,500.00
Daisies and Poppies Still Life David Anthony $950.00
Beautiful Landscape by artist C. Connelly My French Chateau $90.00
Washington D.C. Landscape by Benson Bond Moore (American 1882-1974) STUDIO ANTIQUES & FINE ART, INC. Now on View in Our Gallery