American Folk Art Miniature Painting c1830 Leslie Antiques Ltd. $1,750.00
Small Angel Sculpture by Tim Lewis Shelton Gallery - Helen LaFrance, Fine Art and Antiques $3,500.00
Eagle Catching Fish Sculpture by Tim Lewis Shelton Gallery - Helen LaFrance, Fine Art and Antiques $7,500.00
Garden Of Eden Sculpture by Tim Lewis Shelton Gallery - Helen LaFrance, Fine Art and Antiques $7,500.00
A Miniature Portrait in a Child's Bracelet c1800 Leslie Antiques Ltd. $995.00
Large Charcoal Drawing of a Female Nude in 19th C Frame Antiquarian Art Co. $995.00
A Fine American Miniature Portrait of a Man c1835 Leslie Antiques Ltd. $875.00
Large print of Lord Nelson funeral procession on Thames 1806. Turner Delaplane Antiques $1,400.00
A William Lewis Portrait Miniature of a Gentleman c1825 Leslie Antiques Ltd. $875.00
Charles Daubigny, etching, "Le Berger et la Bergère" New England Art Exchange $625.00
Antique Framed Photograph of General Nelson Miles American Civil War Sina's Antiques and Fine Arts $250.00
Marvelous Dutch Wouter Janssen ‘A Cold Winter Day’ Oil Painting Sina's Antiques and Fine Arts $1,995.00
Parisian Women Watercolor by Charles Levier Antiquarian Art Co. $2,295.00
Edmund Blampied, etching, "Ostend Horse" New England Art Exchange $495.00
George Vernon Stokes, etching, Greyhounds New England Art Exchange $450.00
Karl Dehmann, etching, "Woolworth Building Through the Arch" New England Art Exchange $425.00
Stephen Parrish, etching, "Trenton Winter, 1883" New England Art Exchange $625.00
Albert W. Barker, lithograph, "Upper Barn, Winter" New England Art Exchange $425.00
Gabrielle de Vaux Clements, etching, "Home from the Banks" New England Art Exchange $425.00
John Taylor Arms, etching, "Église Saint Gervais, Gisors" New England Art Exchange $475.00
Asa Cheffetz, wood engraving, "Sleepy Creek" New England Art Exchange $495.00
Arthur Heintzelman, etching, "La Femme à la Mêche Tombante" New England Art Exchange $425.00
Arthur R. Middleton Todd, etching, "Strolling Players" New England Art Exchange $425.00
Vintage Abstract Collage by Harold Christopher Davies Antiquarian Art Co. $1,225.00
Japanese Woodblock Print Katsuyuki Nishijima Kyoto Street Miyako Odori Petrie-Rogers Gallery $165.00
Dorothea Litzinger American (1889 - 1925) SUSQUEHANNA Antique Company, Inc. $4,000.00
Arthur William Woelfle, American (1873-1936) SUSQUEHANNA Antique Company, Inc. $1,800.00
Late Regency Miniature Portrait of a Young Woman STUDIO ANTIQUES & FINE ART, INC. $875.00
Antique Franz Bergmann Cold-Painted Vienna Bronze Eagle Kensington House Antiques $1,095.00
Miniature Portrait Paintings of a Gent and a Woman c1890 Leslie Antiques Ltd. $180.00
Portrait Miniature of Young Gent c1853 in Critchlow Case Leslie Antiques Ltd. $450.00