19th C. Miniature Portrait Painting. Coins and Antiques Gallery $675.00
DOMINIQUE MANAGO (1902-) impressionist painting of Mediterranean harbor by listed French artist Jon Berg Fine Art and More $675.00
Joseph Pennell, etching, "The Bridges, from Brooklyn" New England Art Exchange $675.00
Sir Francis Seymour Haden, etching, "The Towing Path" 1864 New England Art Exchange $675.00
Otto Kuhler, etching, "The Fast Mail" New England Art Exchange $675.00
Topographical art original 19th century watercolor painting of a major waterfall possibly Iguassu or Victoria Falls in Africa Jon Berg Fine Art and More $675.00
ROGER KUNTZ (1926-1975) California art original mixed media drawing of a figure Jon Berg Fine Art and More $675.00
Jacques Villon, Etching, "Fete Champetie" New England Art Exchange $675.00
18th C British Watercolor Scarborough Castle, Williams June Hastings $675.00
Kerr Eby lithograph, "Where do we Go", world war I New England Art Exchange $675.00
STANLEY INCHBOLD (1856-1921) original watercolor painting of castle by noted English travel artist Jon Berg Fine Art and More $675.00
Vintage large pastel drawing of cats in round frame Jon Berg Fine Art and More $675.00
Night time in Dieppe New England Art Exchange $675.00
HANS GUSTAV BURKHARDT (1904-1994) pencil signed monotype original art Jon Berg Fine Art and More $675.00
Kerr Eby etching, Light in the Woods New England Art Exchange $675.00
Edmund Blampied, etching, "Jersey Milkmaid" New England Art Exchange $675.00
Reginald Cleveland Coxe, Etching, "Home Again," 1887 New England Art Exchange $675.00
ALEXANDRE JEAN LOUIS JAZET (1814-1897) ***three*** original Art Nouveau watercolor drawings of women in elaborate costumes by noted French illustrator artist Jon Berg Fine Art and More $675.00