Framed ~ PATRICK NAGEL ~ The Playboy Portfolio II Poster Galleria Verges $700.00
Framed ~ PATRICK NAGEL ~ Poster ~ Noble Gallery - Milwaukee WI Galleria Verges $700.00
Mossi Biiga Doll Arion Tribal Arts $225.00
Massim Sorcerer's Staff, PNG Arion Tribal Arts $1,500.00
Igbo Mask Fragment Arion Tribal Arts $450.00
Ibibio Figure Arion Tribal Arts On Hold
Sleeping Dancer by Laura Knight, etching New England Art Exchange $1,850.00
Hauling the Net by Robert Von Neumann New England Art Exchange $695.00
New Hampshire Landscape, Spring, William Kaula New England Art Exchange $3,850.00
The lake district at sunset by Walter H Williams New England Art Exchange $1,250.00
The Village Market, Platt Powell Ryder New England Art Exchange $2,600.00
Lifeboat in a Turbulent sea, James Webb New England Art Exchange $4,400.00
Pietro Lazzari (American, 1898-1979) STUDIO ANTIQUES & FINE ART, INC. $165.00
Colorful Acrylic Painting ''Razzle Dazzle Bison,'' Kathy Kills Thunder Ancient East $380.00
German 19th Century Coloured Lithograph, The Bronze Age. c.1895 Ihnasiyah Gallery £30.00
Lobi Head Arion Tribal Arts $500.00
Lobi Ti Puo Arion Tribal Arts $950.00
Lobi Ti Puo Arion Tribal Arts $450.00