STINT TEMMINCK LITTLE Henry Dresser Keulemans Birds Europe 1871 London St. Johns Art and Antiques $100.00
Afternoon Tea New England Art Exchange $6,800.00
Maternite New England Art Exchange $1,200.00
L'Epingle A Chapeau, The Hat Pin New England Art Exchange $1,400.00
Harlech No II New England Art Exchange $725.00
The Rag Gatherers New England Art Exchange $1,250.00
Environs De Rome New England Art Exchange $1,450.00
Chinese ink & watercolor landscape painting by Luis Chan L'Asie Exotique $30,000.00
Victorian Painting of Rotten Row, London STUDIO ANTIQUES & FINE ART, INC. $4,250.00
Gorgeous Korean Wharf Painting by Lee Hwang, Original Beautiful Frame Korean Art and Antiques $500.00
Qajar Miniature Watercolor of A King with attendants and Soldiers what pdx $345.00
Qajar Miniature Watercolor of A King with attendants what pdx $345.00
Russian Soviet mixed media paint and paper collage what pdx $695.00
Woldemar de Lowendal 1787 engraved by Roger what pdx $199.00
Portret van broeder Michael Ophovius in Dominicaans habijt what pdx $495.00
Jean Bart 1651-1702, 1789 by Antoine Louis Francois Sergent-Marceau what pdx $199.00
James Fitzjames 1670-1733, 1st Duke of Berwick what pdx $225.00
Qajar Miniature Watercolor of Soldiers Sword fighting what pdx $345.00