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Paul Jacoulet, Danses D' Okesa, 1952 Miles # 124 Condition: Color Perfect, Full Margins, Paper No Foxing or toning, Overall Exquisite
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Paul Jacoulet, This very simple but striking portrait of two young hunters in the Celebes is very scarce, but because of the pigments used is more often found in unfaded condition. As a double portrait of young men, it ranks with Les Enfents aux Yeux Jaunes (No.71). Credit: Richard Miles, "THE PRINTS OF PAUL JACOULET". There were fewer than 60 impressions produced, very few in any condition left, but miraculously, this print has survived in (100 percent) perfect condition.
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Paul Jacoulet, 1950 Les Perles More than 300 individual impressions of nearly sixty blocks, carved on both sides, were needed to create this ultimate technical tour de force of twentieth century art. A companion to Le Mandarin aux Lunettes (No. 106), it was as though Jacoulet wished to display his technique by printing the silver threads on the gossamer cloth in front of his figure, rather then as a flat design on the background...
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Paul Jacoulet, Miles No. 141. Once again delighted in a still life in front of a dominant figure, Jacoulet offered his subscribers the first work based on his recent trip around the world. Hong Kong fascinated him, and its foods delighted him. This well fed musician with his plump but skillful hands was Jacoulet's idea of a happy man. The Prints of Paul Jacoulet by Richard Miles. There were less than 60 of this rare 1955 image produced...
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Paul Jacoulet, Miles # 42. The Awakening, Saipan, Marianas March 1937, Condition Excellent