Nude Study In Charcoal By G.Seitz Dated 1953 24x16” L'Enfant Gallery $850.00
“American Ashcan School” Painting Signed “Lucy” 19x24” charcoal 1910s L'Enfant Gallery $4,500.00
Manfred Schwartz Charcoal Study Abstraction 24x28” L'Enfant Gallery $3,500.00
Abstract Master Max Kassler “My Model” Pastel 16x11” L'Enfant Gallery $1,500.00
USS KEARSARGE, Xanthus Smith American Marine Painter 17x24 charcoal L'Enfant Gallery $16,000.00
Queen Holden “Jimmy” young blond child gouache painting Dalia's Gallery $185.00
F. Livingstone Artist Charcoal Portrait of General Pershing 29x24” L'Enfant Gallery $7,500.00
S.J. Woolf Pastel 28x23” L'Enfant Gallery $1,200.00
Mrs. Charles Brianspere Charcoal 21x24” L'Enfant Gallery $600.00
Elizabeth Fisher WASHINGTON 1871-1953 AMERICAN ARTIST Pastel L'Enfant Gallery $2,500.00
Elizabeth Shippen Green artist , Original Charcoal Drawing on paper L'Enfant Gallery $8,000.00
WWI Original Painting "Present Arms" J. B. Lomack American,1888-1980 L'Enfant Gallery $8,000.00
Antique or old master charcoal drawing of putto Jon Berg Fine Art and More $325.00
Ashcan School Charcoal Signed WEEKS 1914 L'Enfant Gallery $2,500.00
John Singer Sargent attributed portrait of Moffit Anderson 1879 L'Enfant Gallery $18,000.00
German listed art Pair of charcoal drawing by the important artist Heinrich Zille (1858- 1929) Dalia's Gallery $1,500.00