New Orleans Louisiana art original signed drawing of famous Brulatour Courtyard Dalia's Gallery $100.00
A. Nappo Pompeii Italian Deer and Cherub Angels gouache painting Dalia's Gallery $65.00
Mark Freeman (1908- 2003) noted well listed American New York artist mixed media impressionist city scene painting Dalia's Gallery $739.00
Jack Simmerling (1935 - 2013) American artist ink drawing University of Chicago dated 1967 Dalia's Gallery $550.00
John Groth (1908 -1988) charming original ink drawing of young couple conversing by noted American artist illustrator Dalia's Gallery $650.00
Joyce Wahl Treiman (1922- 1991) American artist mixed media painting Dalia's Gallery $250.00
Jan Lebenstein (1930 -1999) original ink and watercolor drawing of a whimsical female and male figures 1968 Dalia's Gallery $3,900.00
Hilda Gentry Mid Century colorful drawing of elves or munchkins in fantasy landscapes Dalia's Gallery $150.00
German listed art Pair of charcoal drawing by the important artist Heinrich Zille (1858- 1929) Dalia's Gallery $1,500.00
Gregoire Johannes Boonzaier (1909 -2005) South African art ink drawing of figures Dalia's Gallery $3,100.00
Fine pencil drawing of a man with hat dated 1964 Dalia's Gallery $55.00
Four original mixed media drawings of arid desert landscapes Dalia's Gallery $105.00
Christ Before the Pharisees Rembrandt 1636 lithograph 32x28” L'Enfant Gallery $3,500.00
Boy in a Clown Suit L'Enfant Gallery $900.00
Daniel Webster Study Drawing L'Enfant Gallery $4,000.00
George Washington Meeting the Widow Curtis by E.Percy Moran L'Enfant Gallery $2,500.00
La Jardiniere- Martin Marne L'Enfant Gallery $650.00
Early 19th century art European ink drawing of two men Dalia's Gallery $155.00