Ben Carre (1883- 1978) rocky coastline landscape oil on wood panel painting by listed artist Dalia's Gallery $515.00
20th century Italian Art Venice Canal gondolas St. Mark's Basilica Church landscape painting artist J.Perrine Dalia's Gallery $389.00
Anatoly Brusilovsky - Brusilov (1932 -) major Russian Avant - Garde artist 1971 collage art Dalia's Gallery $1,550.00
American - California artist Mahlon Blaine (1894-1969) impressionist drawing portrait of a young woman Dalia's Gallery $1,200.00
Andre Gisson (1921 -2003) American listed artist original oil on canvas impressionist still life painting of flowers on the table top Dalia's Gallery $1,925.00
Arne Maslow American 20th century listed artist abstract modern colorful still life painting Dalia's Gallery $765.00
Anders Gustave Aldrin (1899-1970) American artist impressionist oil on canvas painting of a harbor and boats Dalia's Gallery $895.00
Andre Besse (1922 - 2004) Canadian listed artist French art Paris Montmartre street scene modern impressionist oil painting Dalia's Gallery $585.00
Arthur Diggs (1888 -) American listed artist oil painting of a landscape with trees and snow spring time Dalia's Gallery $1,250.00
Alfred Wands Dalia's Gallery $950.00
Aldo Luongo original oil painting of a young child dreaming purple colors dominant Dalia's Gallery $2,300.00
Adrian Allinson (1890 - 1959) mixed media drawing of Avignon square by well known English artist Dalia's Gallery $1,495.00
Artist Damast 1973 mythological modern colorful figures painting Dalia's Gallery $2,800.00
20th century French artist CHARLES LEVIER (1920-2003) young woman with veil Dalia's Gallery $395.00
Alois Lecoque (1891 - 1981) American Czech listed artist large landscape painting of Renoir Garden circa 1973 Dalia's Gallery $1,650.00
Arthur Fischer (1872 - 1948) German artist oil painting portrait of a woman Dalia's Gallery $950.00
Albert Sterner (1863 - 1946) American artist painting of a woman holding drapes Dalia's Gallery $1,800.00
Alois Lecoque (1891 - 1981) American Czech listed artist gouache painting of Fisherman’s Wharf San Francisco Mid century Dalia's Gallery $795.00