American School Watercolor Memorial, dated 1820 SUSQUEHANNA Antique Company, Inc. $1250.00
Louise Everett Nimmo (1899 - 1959) listed American artist California Mission Courtyard Monk Fountain Flowers Dalia's Gallery $1,250.00
FLORINE HYER (1868-1936) impressionist painting roses and Native American Indian basket by California artist Jon Berg Fine Art and More $1,250.00
MAX NEUBAUER (1876-1920) circa 1910 detailed watercolor painting of Vienna Austria street scene Jon Berg Fine Art and More $1,250.00
FERDINAND SOMMER (1822-1901) Swiss art poetic landscape house and water wheel in mountains Jon Berg Fine Art and More $1,250.00
Viktor Korecki (1890 - 1980) moonlight landscape painting by listed Polish artist Dalia's Gallery $1,250.00
American vintage impressionist signed still life painting‏ grapes Jon Berg Fine Art and More $1,250.00
Edward Burrill, oil on canvas, "Path to the Shed" 1885 New England Art Exchange $1,250.00
Jean Salabet 20th Century French Impressionist Artist Painting Grand Opera House Paris street scene 1952 Dalia's Gallery $1,250.00
Impressionist Paris street scene painting by listed American artist Andre Gisson (1929- 2003) Dalia's Gallery $1,250.00
OutsiderArtist Nathan Motley Abstract Trio Original Painting L'Enfant Gallery $1,250.00
Portrait of Dr. Ephraim J. Bee, Warship 'Ohio' surgeon Antiques Collaborative, Inc. $1,250.00
Large detailed 19th century watercolor coastal city scene probably Dutch Jon Berg Fine Art and More $1,250.00
GEORGES LAPORTE (1926-2000) impressionist French village painting Jon Berg Fine Art and More $1,250.00
James Francis O’Brien (American, 1917-1996) STUDIO ANTIQUES & FINE ART, INC. $1,250.00
Reuben Ward Binks watercolor of English Setter Antiques Collaborative, Inc. $1,250.00
Circa 1950 signed impressionist central Paris scene with Notre Dame and figures Jon Berg Fine Art and More $1,250.00
Maryland Landscape by Benson Bond Moore (American 1882-1974) STUDIO ANTIQUES & FINE ART, INC. $1,250.00