Expressionist Portrait of a Woman L'Enfant Gallery $6,000.00
Still Life with a Skull- Momentomori L'Enfant Gallery $1,200.00
Sun Swirl by David Goodman L'Enfant Gallery $1,200.00
Rukkus by Hilt 1998 L'Enfant Gallery $4,500.00
Heaven, Earth and Sun by Hector Samoniego Sinclair L'Enfant Gallery $2,600.00
Robert Adam circa 1780 Decoration Oil on Paper L'Enfant Gallery $7,000.00
Mark Goodson Modern Painting ( Inventor of Game show) Orwellianantiques $900.00
Original Watercolor by Milt Gross (1895-1953)Famous Cartoonist Orwellianantiques $850.00
Antique American Hudson River School painting cows forest signed Jon Berg Fine Art and More $325.00
Vintage Western American painting river canyon signed Crowder Jon Berg Fine Art and More $325.00
A Sweet Miniature Portrait of a Young Child c1840 Leslie Antiques Ltd. $995.00
A Strong Portrait Miniature of a Young Man c1840 Leslie Antiques Ltd. $425.00
modern Mexican surrealist art early still life painting by listed artist Froylan Ojeda (1932- 1991) Dalia's Gallery $295.00
"Antoni" colorful abstract mid century oil on canvas painting city scene Dalia's Gallery $475.00
William Henry Earp (1831-1914) English well listed artist watercolor painting of Lake Geneva and mountains Dalia's Gallery $195.00
Whimsical painting of three puppet figures in a play by California artist Rose Cooper Dalia's Gallery $155.00
Vintage Southwest fantasy painting signed and dated S.Willams October 1944 Dalia's Gallery $100.00
Vittorio Tessari (1860- 1947) Italian artist watercolor painting of a young woman Dalia's Gallery $650.00