20th Century style Italian art watercolor painting of an 18th Century park scene with figures Dalia's Gallery $129.00
Amadio artist Paris street scene rainy day impressionist oil painting circa 1960 with Cinzano kiosk Dalia's Gallery $295.00
Australian aboriginal art watercolor landscape painting by Peter Taylor Tjutjatja (1940 - 2014) Australia Dalia's Gallery $545.00
Beautifully executed impressionist American autumn landscape painting signed H.L. Brown 1942 Dalia's Gallery $155.00
1962 Brittain artist impressionist coastline oil on canvas painting Dalia's Gallery $295.00
Adalbert Wex (1867 - 1932) German listed artist mountains lake landscape painting Dalia's Gallery $675.00
American artist Leon Franks (1914 - 1970) California art oil painting portrait of a young man Dalia's Gallery $640.00
French Still Life L'Enfant Gallery $4,500.00
Martha Walter 1875-1976 Watercolor L'Enfant Gallery $10,000.00
Sally Michel Avery 1902-2003 Large Floral Still Life L'Enfant Gallery $16,000.00
Contemporary colorful impressionist mid century painting of summer beach day at seaside cove signed GINNY Dalia's Gallery $220.00
American landscape painting Deco period concrete bridge artist Ethele Edwards circa 1940 Dalia's Gallery $225.00
Andre Lemaitre (1909- 1995) French impressionist harbor scene oil painting of figures overlooking the sea Dalia's Gallery $875.00
Andrea Cherubini (1833 -1905) Italian late 19th century watercolor painting Dalia's Gallery $425.00
Anna Dearborn (1854 - 1932) Early California small watercolor painting of redwood threes Dalia's Gallery $350.00
Adolf Ferdinand Konrad (1915- 2003) American listed artist watercolor painting of a seated semi nude woman 1953 Dalia's Gallery $250.00
20th Century still life impressionist oil painting of colorful flowers by American artist Dalia's Gallery $550.00