G. Molina sunny lane street scene in Latin town watercolor painting Dalia's Gallery $102.00
George W. Layng American Pennsylvania early20th century listed artist landscape painting with trees Dalia's Gallery $830.00
French mid 1950's Paris Montmartre street scene ink and watercolor painting Dalia's Gallery $175.00
G. Delano American artist Western oil painting with horses and cowboys in the mountain landscape 24 X 36 Dalia's Gallery $950.00
Gordon Kennedy American artist impressionist mountains landscape oil painting with the horses and mountains Dalia's Gallery $295.00
George Chann (1913 -1995) American - Chinese well listed important artist original night landscape painting Dalia's Gallery $1,950.00
E. Steffensen Scandinavian Danish art oil landscape painting signed and dated 1909 Dalia's Gallery $280.00
Frederick Leo Hunter (1858 -1943) American Well listed artist marine art clipper ships oil painting on high seas 1923 Dalia's Gallery $585.00
Felix Fabian British 20th century artist impressionist oil painting of young lady in blue Dalia's Gallery $495.00
Edmond Sanders (1898- 1961) Belgian artist large table top still life oil painting Dalia's Gallery $825.00
St. Marks Square, painted by Jacques Zucker L'Enfant Gallery $2,200.00
Man Overboard by TD Carlin L'Enfant Gallery $2,500.00
The Cobbler L'Enfant Gallery $12,000.00
After the Storm L'Enfant Gallery $40,000.00
Dog art adorable big eye puppy oil painting 1960's Dalia's Gallery $105.00
Eugene C. Frank (1844 - 1914) German born American artist watercolor painting seaside rocks Dalia's Gallery $500.00